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Plosives vs. Nasals

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I've recently appreciated how the consonant [p] might help in building compression.

I've seen one of Kevin Richards' recent posts in his Youtube channel and he seems to dissect how [p] can be of great assistance to singing through the bridges.

The only problem I've encountered is sometimes I loose the "cry" in the "uh" vowel in the sound pup-pup-pup...

I think "mum" is easier and the nasality of [m] however miniscule a segment it might be once mum is sung rapidly may aid in developing pharyngeals or what SLS calls the Mix.

But "pup" helps in figuring out the pressure that you shoot through that glottal opening and consequently through the mouth... I think "pup" and "bub" feel like open staccato lip rolls in a way. Since a lip roll is done rapidly.


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