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Singing through your eyes and through the public's eyes.

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Hello everyone,

This week I wanted to ask a question about many different things that came to my mind. I will explain my situation and I am pretty sure that a lot of people will truly understand how I feel and what I think. recently at school I had to audition for a show and I was chosen to participate in the college session's concert. I was so happy, but yet, I am a classical singer, so pop song can be a little bit hard for me to switch sometimes. A lot of people in my class know that I am a classical singer and that I will be one of the only girls singing a hard 'pop/rock' song ( Woodstock by Joni Mitchell) and I feel like I am not (yet) able to give it my 100% in my singing. Like if it was really hard and I feel like I keep on pushing myself even if I know that I can sing it. I am afraid that it is going to break in front of everybody because of my ''lack of support'' in the pop singing. I always have to switch from chest to a really strong head voice and it is hard for me. My problem, in all of that, is that I am a little bit afraid of the judgment of others. I hear a lot of people telling me (and they don't even know how to sing properly) that classical singing is much more easier than pop (and them, they can not even hit the A4) and there are a lot of people who thinks that.... so I feel like I am the only one knowing the ''truth'' about singing (even if I don't know a lot yet) but more than them and that kind of hurts me. Any tricks about that? Have you ever felt like nobody understood how it was hard to sing this one song or anything like that? Each day I have to feel like this because I am studying in music. I can't wait to get to University and in a singing program where I'll be at my place. A lot of person make fun of opera because they think it's sounds funny and they say that it look easier to sing *sigh*. Please, just tell me what you think.

I also wanted to know if you had any tricks to give me about performing in the public? I know that a lot of people have that ''issue'' about stress and wanting to give the best performance of their lives. Any tricks not to breakdown or anything?

Thank you very much!


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