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So, You Want To Be A Singer? by Diva Joan Cartwright, Chapter 7

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SO, YOU WANT TO BE A SINGER? by Diva Joan Cartwright


Males invest in a tuxedo. It's great for New Year's Eve and weddings. Females should have three evening dresses, more if you can afford them. Flowing silks and cottons, black pants and tops with beads and decals will suffice. Years ago, it was necessary for singers to be flashy. They wore long, flowing gowns that were heavy with beading or sequins.

After touring Europe for eight years, with luggage that was always overweight because of these heavy dresses, I decided to lighten up and wear less glittery clothing that is comfortable and hand-washable.

Today's performers are more laid back and comfort-conscious. The rule is "To each his or her own." Creativity is the key. Mix and match your wardrobe. Bright colors on soft chiffon look really beautiful on stage.

Ladies, if you wear high heels onstage, be sure to carry flats with you. Your feet are going to hurt! Trust Pearl Bailey and me! There's nothing worse than having sore feet and not going home for two or three hours, after the gig. Always think comfort!

Likewise, if you wear contact lenses, be sure to keep rewetting drops in your make-up kit. Excessive smoke dries your eyes, causing considerable discomfort. Carry your lens case with you, so you can remove your lenses, after you perform. Have your glasses, too.

For many singers, make-up is not as important, today, as in years past. Many women are not wearing it. But lipstick adds color to the face. If you wear foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, etc., be sure it is hypoallergenic, that is, healthy for your skin. The best way to find the right make-up for your skin type is by getting a facial and make-up special at the department store of your choice. The specialist will tell you what colors are good for your complexion and what cleansers you need to keep your skin in good condition. Make-up can destroy your skin, if you don't clean it off your face every single night.

Keep a small carrying case that you can slip in and out of a larger bag that holds your shoes, microphone, hand-held instruments, music books, promo material, CDs, DVDs, cards, photos and brochures. Don't be bogged down with too many bags. Try to have one large bag probably on rollers that you can carry comfortably. Band members are not happy, when you ask them to carry loads of stuff for you. Be simple and independent.

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