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Steps To Help You Become More Performance Ready

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I have a vocalist who was in class last night. I noticed on the bridge of a particular song that her vocals changed and she really captured my ear. It was due to the vocal inflections and heart that she put into this bridge which evidently meant more to her sub-consciously than the rest of the song. I brought this to her attention and she was amazed as she had never noticed it until that moment. Now, she is working on her song to be more performance ready in making an impact upon her audience. As a fellow vocalist, performer and teacher I believe a vocalist is also an actor. As we know "The show must go on No Matter how You Feel!"

I hope the following steps that I share can help a new artist or a seasoned in preparing for a future performance.

1st "Take your time in choosing your song. Choose a song that really speaks to you, reflects you personally and your life experiences. The song should resonate within your heart and speak volumes to you first before it can ever be translated to those you do not know."

2nd, "Make sure your song choice is within your vocal range and not to difficult in the area's of technique. Remember your audience wants to to have their hearts captured and they are not there just to hear another pretty song with tons of vocal licks. Use wisdom and keep it within your range and current vocal development. Many artists know when a difficult High vocal is coming up and begin to freak out before it ever takes place. Once that vocal part arrives you see fear within their expression and hear it within their voice. From that point on they have lost their groove and can not seem to obtain it through the rest of the song. This is why your song needs to become natural, not to difficult and with a subconscious flow. This is where Muscle Memory come in"

3rd "Begin developing muscle memory concerning your vocal techniques, pitch, area's for taking a breath, and so forth. The more you practice the more muscle memory will develop. In so doing everything will flow naturally as your muscles will INHERENTLY know what to do during your live performance. Also, remember you are an actor so there will be memory during certain lyrics where you may want to reach out to the audience or begin walking. Remember to keep it sincere and not ROBOTIC. Muscle Memory is an amazing gift that we have as vocalists but only comes through practice, practice, practice! Also, don't forget lyric memorization."

4th "Be special by putting your flavor and style into your music and performance. Do not be another repeat concert of another artist. There are certain artists that have (THAT SOUND.) You just know who they are when you hear them. They have certain inflections in their voice, little nuances that they do or they have that certain tone. Some artists wear a certain style or use a certain prop such as a scarf on their mic. stand as an example.

5th. "During your performance keep your visualization in tact. Sing your story to your audience as if you are singing to One person. If need be pretend the person you are singing about is in front of you. Be in the moment of that life experience you are singing about! Remember thoughts well up the emotions within you. When I am sitting in an audience, I want you to be PERSONABLE with ME as if you are my new friend. I want to FEEL you are directly speaking AND SINGING just to me!! Yes, I want to hear great singing but I want to feel your heart. In return you will get an awesome response from me and I will be talking about you for days!"


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