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TMV Privacy Administration, Community Professionalism and Communication Etiquette.

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TMV Privacy Administration, Community Professionalism and Communication Etiquette.

Hello and Welcome to The Modern Vocalist.com, The #1 Community for Singers on the Web!!

As we continue to grow our membership base around the world it is important that we maintain a level of Privacy, Professionalism, Courtesy and Etiquette when it comes to communicating with each other within TMV.


A great feature within your TMV Profile Page is the ability to regulate the PRIVACY and Administrative controls of certain aspects of your profile within your Settings.

We have received a number of inquiries asking if these types of features are available, so we thought we would communicate this benefit more widely.

For example, you can monitor and approve the comments being posted to your profile page:

Do you want to approve comments before they appear on your comment wall?

  • Yes Let me approve comments first
  • No Publish comments immediately

This feature allows individuals to review comments prior to them being posted to your page. So you can approve the comments you like, but also gives you the ability to delete those comments that you don’t want posted to your personal profile page.

Please take a look under Settings within your profile page and set your "Privacy" Settings accordingly.


It is extremely important to the Executive staff of TMV to keep the content within the community professional, that is not to say that we don't encourage debate within the forum, potentially controversial, yet thought provoking vocal related Blogs, and the publishing of opinions, that may not necessarily, represent the perspective of the majority. However, it is our first and foremost intention to keep the content within TMV vocally relevant and artistically inspirational.

With this said, The Modern Vocalist reserves the right to Freeze, Ban, or delete any content posted by any members that we feel is inappropriate in meeting with the standards of our community.


It is the intention of TMV to provide a social community platform that facilitates the opportunity for individuals to NETWORK, SHARE, ENGAGE & CONTRIBUTE. The power of the internet has given us a unique opportunity to pull together some of the best vocal enthusiast professionals from around the world.

TMV prides itself on making the general public aware that we have assembled this credible community of International Vocal Subject Matter Experts and its Members into a professional vocal community.

We in turn expect that our Subject Matter Experts will engage with members, and vice versa, in a professional and personal manner. Because we represent all vocal genres without bias, the many different techniques, instructors, content and publications available will appeal differently amongst our international community. Distributing mass or bulk emails, generic comments and/or postings that encourage the purchase of products or services, HTML based images linked to external production sites is discouraged. However, posting greetings and encouraging members to view your profile page is acceptible.

It is suggested that both Subject Matter Experts and Members looking to engage one another-peer to peer, should use the internal mail system provided to you by TMV. These communications, should include relevant information, supporting the reason for the correspondence. Subject Matter Experts have every right to start a group, begin a forum discussion to provide a place to discuss your specifics.

Lastly, TMV is here for many reasons; networking, bringing the world together, fun, research & science and soon we will be inviting the pro audio industry to our community. TMV is also here as a benefit to our Subject Matter Experts who put time and energy into posting educational and informative blogs. Lets be clear on this point, its OK to bring attention to your studio, product or service, but we ask that you do so in a tactful and respectful way. This means, always try to offer some educational content or information that benefits everyone FIRST, before drawing attention to your service. If you do decide to draw attention to your service, do so in a tactful, classy way. Its really quite simple.

This should not be construed as a deterrent for posting comments on personal profile pages, blogs or participating in the forum discussions, it is simply the suggested method for soliciting professional peer to peer communication where there is an offer to provide service, a notification of content for sale, or a sincere interest in providing additional networking opportunities.

We are so appreciative of the contributions being made and the relationships we are all forming. We are working very hard here at TMV to provide the highest quality of service to our members.

Please feel free to submit feedback at any time, we are always listening!!


The Executive Staff of The Modern Vocalist.com



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