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Will They Remember Your Performance?

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"..if you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

Was the first line in the big hit Lose Yourself by different, he stood out from the rest. Who would you rather be? Those who come and and are quickly forgotten as soon as they get off the stage or those who still echoes in the memory of the audience after they go home and until the next day? Great singers are those who not only have an amazing voice but those who captures the audience with their mind, body, and soul.Eminem. Only a few of us may ever get a chance to perform on a big stage in front of hundreds or thousands. There are many performers but only some will be remembered. Or maybe only "one" will be remembered. Maybe that one was

Great performers have the ability, the power to amaze their audience, no matter how large or small the crowd is, from the beginning to the end of the song. Singing is not always about "just" singing. It's about how you understand the song and the characteristic role. You're not connecting with the audience, you're connecting with the song. Forget the audience and listen carefully to the meaning of the song. Who are you when you're singing? What is the mood like? Use facial expressions and body language to interpret the songs along with your vocal. Even a person with a lower quality singing voice can get away with it by displaying a "great" performance. Britney Spears is one of those famous artists that makes me wonder why she even has a record label. But then I observed her carefully and I thought, she can dance, she can entertain. She "feels" the music.

But imagine if you had both. Why would you want to sing the song the same way your idol sings it when the audience could just listen to the original on the radio? Sing it like you mean it. If you're sad, sing it like you're sad. If you're happy, sing it like you're happy. Let the music take over you. Performing is much like acting so you must practice how to deliver the songs with both a great vocal and strong performance.

Each time you're on stage you only get "one"shot. Blow the audience away and knock them off their feet. Everyone wants a standing ovation but you have to earn it and work hard. I hate to say this but it's almost a waste of time being up there if you were going to be like everyone else. No one will remember you, so you must take every opportunity you get and shine with all your light. You want to be beyond the best of what you got.

"..lose yourself in the music,"



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