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Practice for peak performance success

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In previous articles I have discussed the various aspects of success for a singer. In this tip we'll focus on the third of the three most important components of successful vocal performance. To recap, the three major elements that contribute to your success are:

1. Positive Mental Attitude

2. A Dependable Voice

3. Performance Skill

Performance Skill

The purpose of vocal technique is to expand your vocabulary of sound, build stamina, achieve ease of singing while not compromising your unique qualities and style and to maintain your vocal health. Developing your performance skill is the gateway through which your voice and passion shine out to your audience.

A performance is a multifaceted, multi-sensory creation. Many singers learn the songs but approach the actual performance (the show) haphazardly and just hope that it works.At the fully professional level, there is much pre-planning and development of each element of the show prior to arriving in front of an audience. Then when in the midst of your show, inspiration and creativity can flow with confidence.

Bridging from Rehearsal to Stage

Practicing the performance of each of your songs after you master them vocally, is often overlooked, but is something that you need to do as part of developing your craft. Practice how you will perform a song and the actual expression of the song as if your audience is in front of you right now. This will help you develop all of the song's nuances.

Do this in front of a mirror or video your rehearsals to see what you look like from the audience's perspective. When you practice your songs, don't just sing them through perform them. They will come alive and when you walk onto the stage it will be with greater confidence.

Your Success

Singing is most definitely an expression of emotion, intention and concepts. The physical foundation for this is how well you have developed your vocal instrument and how well you work with it. Many have mistaken this to mean that certain styles of music are vocally harmful or that you are born to sing only one style or “sound.” This is false and the influence of fear and ignorance.

From my research and experience as a vocal specialist, I have found something different. I find that most people singers in particular  have far more potential than assumed. This includes more range, more power, more expression, more tonal possibilities - well, just more of everything.

Achieving this more begins by understanding the simple facts of your instrument - how the voice really works. These facts applied become an effective approach for vocal development of increased range, stamina and freedom of expression in any style of your choice - not restriction. This translates into trust in yourself as a person and a singer and voil  - self-confidence.

You'll see that these three elements contribute to and strengthen each other. The end result? - a successful singer and performer.

I'm here to help and cheering you on.

Jeannie Deva

Creator of The Deva Method® - Complete Technique for Stage and Studio

Author of "The Contemporary Vocalist" Book and CD Series

"The Deva Method Vocal Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs" CD



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