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Vocal Health Tool for Dry Mouth

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Vocal Health Tool for Dry Mouth

Singing, speaking, teaching and even day to day use of the voice can be very difficult when the voice, throat and nasal passages become dry. Even more so if you live in warm, dry climates and are going indoors and outdoors dealing with air conditioning units that can spew out dust and other debris. Maintaining vocal health in these conditions can be very difficult. As voice professionals who rely on our voices to deliver and perform at the drop of a hat, it is extremely important that we keep our throats and cords moist at all times. Lack of adequate moisture can seriously affect the production of sound and possibly cause vocal cord damage. When it comes to keeping the voice and throat moist, I suggest you go with natures best--Xylitol.

Vocal Health Tool - Throat Saver with Xylitol

One of the core ingredients in the Throat Saver formula from Superior Vocal Health is Xylitol. Xylitol is one of the newer natural sugar sweeteners on the market today. It is a white crystalline sugar found in many fruits and vegetables like berries, plums, lettuce and mushrooms. Not only is it an excellent sweetener with 40% fewer calories than white refined sugar, it also has fabulous properties that fight and break down bacteria.

This is an excellent benefit for singers and voice professionals to help keep the throat and cords healthy and free of bacteria. In addition, it is nontoxic and can be used all day long with no side effects. According to an article in Amazing Wellness magazine, researchers at the University of Iowa found that Xylitol helps to pull fluid into the nasal airways and throat when applied to each of those areas. Xylitol "helps to moisturize and thin the mucus cilia in the nasal passageway....Xylitol also reduces the number of bacteria that adhere to the nasal passage, and when used regularly hydrated nasal (and throat) passages and help flush out airborne pollutants that could trigger asthma and allergies." The same can be said for the throat and vocal cords when the spray is applied on a regular basis.

All of this is great news for the voice professional. Keeping the throat and nasal passageways clean of bacteria, moist and flowing is a wonderful thing. Especially knowing you are using an all natural supplement that has no negative side effects. Throat Saver formula is an outstanding way to use Xylitol safely and effectively as a vocal health tool that you can take with you and use whenever needed. Keeping yourself in top vocal form is always connected to your vocal health. Using the best and most effective natural agents in your vocal health care regimen can make all the difference in the world when it comes to singing your best.

As always, I wish you the best on your quest for Superior Vocal Health.

David Aaron Katz




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