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Pure Head Voice critiique? Vocal experts HELP!!

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I'm super frustrated with finding my head voice, so I did a little experiment, if you'd check this out I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm so damn frustrated with trying to get a better vocal sound/head voice that I'm going crazy...I'm desperate.

anyways examples of my singing and me trying "pure head voice."

I do it on Got To Get You Into My Life - The Beatles (you might have heard of them)


Nude - Radiohead.

I show

1. Little part of the real song with real vocalist

2. me singing over that part the way I do now

3. me singing over that part again but when the high note comes I try what "might" be this pure head voice thing I've been reading about. and I keep doing the note this way after the song part end so you can really hear the tone and how I'm getting to the note.

check it out here: "Pure Head Voice Maybe?"


I might be totally off. and sound stupid. well I know I sound stupid on the pure head voice parts, though I hear at first it'll sound very disembodied, but I am much more on pitch I think, not straining. it comes fairly easy. like i'd imagine it should.

Though now after relaxing it, my voice does feel very tired and stressed right now after practicing it quite a bit. hope I'm not doing it wrong and hurting my voice. I can feel discomfort now in that "spot" in my voice a bit of discomfort as if I strained them, but it doesn't feel like I'm straining when I do the "pure head voice" notes. I'm hoping this is just because I rarely have been accessing that part of my voice so it can't take all the repetition yet...it hasn't worked out enough maybe...but maybe not. it does hurt a tiny tiny bit right now. but more of discomfort than anything.

it's a bit hard to hit that spot, as far as control goes... but I'm not pushing/compressing and not using very much air at all. it is easy as far as not straining goes, which is what I hear, that it needs to be easy... it's just like imitating a cat's "meow" like I've heard in a vocal coaches video...same general feeling.

Thoughts, critiques?

is the new way more right, or is my old way closer? HELP!! :lol:

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First, PURE head voice is a myth. All singing is to some degree mixed. That said I know what you're going for a light heady sound that seamlessly blends into a ringy falsetto. Your first attempt was by far your best. A little nasal but on the whole very good. One of the tricks to that is to keep the resonance high and forward with out going into the nose. If you think your getting nasal pinch your nose closed while your singing. If nothing happens your not nasal if the sound changes to very nasal you were singing in your nose-nasal. Works every time. One those high note DO NOT FORCE the sound, don't try to push the sound out. Just open up, get everything out of the way, and let your voice soar.

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