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  1. That would be cool. To hear a sample of his lowest full note and his highest note, whether full, falsetto, deep fried with cheese, whatever.
  2. And then, to make matters worse, around the same time, Einstein worked with two other scientists on a concept in Quantum Mechanics that later became known as the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen or EPR Event. In qm, it is noted that for conservation of mass and energy to remain so, as it does on obvious observation, the outer electrons in a shell of an atom must have opposite "spin" which is a quality of the state of an electron. For simplicity it will either be spin up or spin down. When something affects the spin of one electron, such as the use of an electron microscope to observe this, the ele
  3. What you have described, such as mass warping time and space, that is a description of an event. I could easily say the same thing by saying "put on your red shoes and dance the blues." It does not exactly explain how the effect happens. If, per Einstein, there is no aether, no fabric of space against which particles such as light would encounter friction, based on the Michelson - Morley null result, then how is it that objects of mass warp space and time. What is it about mass that does this? And Einstein said that light is a massless particle, literally just dreaming up crap in his
  4. Or a way of using the EPR event in quantum mechanics to effect gravity locally, something that Einstein could have maybe investigated in his general theory, which was already intimating that gravity is an effect of mass warping space and time, however, there was not and is not yet a strong enough link to say why mass warps or effects space and time, even by treating time as a dimension of space, which Einstein said it was, using math designed from an aether theory, ironic since Einstein surmised that an aether did not exist, based on the null results of the Michelson-Morley experiment, in orde
  5. And a tie fighter in our atmosphere would fly like a bowling ball. an x-wing might last until near the ground but with skid plates instead of wheels, it will disintegrate on contact.
  6. As well as the dogfight sequences with x-wing against the (bow)tie fighters where they maneuvered just like P-51 Mustangs and japanese Zeros, which would require a thick atmosphere, like ours, for wings to bite. That's a case of where George Lucas was short in science but long on exciting storytelling. In fact, it is often best when an author doesn't know as many facts. Just like an engineer really should not write fiction about engineering. He knows too much. Better to be someone who barely knows anything. So, I give kudos to George, in spite of his scientific foul-ups because he wrote o
  7. "She (the Millenium Falcon) made the Kessell Run in 12 parsecs." (Greatest goof of George Lucas. Parsec is a measure of distance, not a measure of time.) "Let the wookie win..."
  8. No, when Han is being lowered into the carbon freeze chamber.
  9. Wait until you are over 50 and even more stuff falls apart or quits working. That is why ibuprofen and I are friends.
  10. "I love you." "I know" (total ad-lib, not in the script, but it was the keeper.)
  11. "Calrissian system?" "Calrissian is a person, not a system. Yeah, Lando and I go way back... I'm sure he's forgotten that by now ...."
  12. I believe in a thing called love. Just listen to the rhythm of my heart. There's a chance we can make it now. We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down, I believe in thing called love. Guitar!
  13. Great cover and I liked how you approached. Listening in my car, I thought the vocals had a bit too much sparkle in the EQ. Then, I remembered, I adjust the eq in my radio to deal with radio and if I had left it flat for USB media, it might sound more balanced. Because, at work, where I listened to it first on some fairly decent desk top speakers, it was alright.
  14. I liked it a lot, too. In fact, I have d/l'd it to my flash drive so that I can hear it in my car on the flight home. Get on the tollway, set the cruise at 80, try stay awake, most times. But this should wake me up.
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