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Tell me what you think about my voice!! I'm a YOUTUBE SINGER!

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:) my dear friend, you might be a beginner but when you sing, you think about a million things but the one thing that is the most important .... the story of your song.

You might be passionate about singing but I don't feel your passion. Are you too self conscious maybe?

Stop thinking about what people might think about you ....start living your song, chew those words one by one, feel every words deep into you.

You have a nice tone of voice, you need some training to get confidence in your vocal abilities. Don't sing the songs in lower keys and when the chorus comes ...come on let it out!!!

You see... a song is like a mountain of intensity you have to create a build up with your song.

Not louder but more intense towards the chorus.

You are welcome to get free tips and singing techniques on my web site thesingingjudge.com

Keep me posted on your progress...


Tanya Carmen


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Thanks your advices! Yes, my problem is: I haven't got enough self confidence when I singing. I'm too humble and shy. Therefore I'm scared open my feelings. But I hope when I get more experience it will change. Since February I go to a vocal coach once a week. She is help a lot. :) ... And, I have a new video! :)

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