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  1. Different people call it differently: head voice, bridging, mixed register, compressed falsetto, laryngeal tilt.. They all mean the same thing right? Singing the range of one's falsetto but sounding more full like chest voice, and does not crack going from low notes to high notes. My instructor can do this. I cannot. He said to practice singing falsetto louder and going to lower notes. I've been doing that for days, but I don't feel any improvement, other than my falsetto getting louder. I still crack going from chest to falsetto, and the falsetto still doesn't sound full. There are dozens of video on youtube explaining how to do this. They demonstrate before and after. But I want to know what it's like in-between, so I know if I'm making progress. Is this technique something you gradually master, i.e. the crack becomes less and less obvious and the falsetto sounding more and more full, or is it a sudden revelation type of technique, where you practice without improvement for a while but wake up one day and suddenly you can do it?
  2. Thanks all for the pointers. I like listening to some opera music and I also like some pop songs. So, I can't decide which one (if I can only choose one) style to go for.   I will consider all coaching options mentioned above.
  3. I'm interested in both opera and pop singing (kind of like Josh Groban). How do I find a good voice instructor near the city of Redmond, WA (12 miles from Seattle)?  
  4. I can sing with vibrato, but sometimes I can't transition from a straight tone to having a little vibrato smoothly. It's easier to sing with straight tone or jump to a lot of vibrato. Are there exercises to help with this? I searched on youtube but most tutorials with "vibrato" teach how to make vibrato, not how to better control it.
  5. Private voice lessons cost about $50 and up per hour. Is there a low budget way to learn singing? Are there such thing as group voice lessons? Or do-it-yourself voice lessons, with an occassional evaluation by a live coach? I'm not interested in classes offered by community center because they are usually one-off and are not very serious. Specific recommendations near Seattle east side will be appreciated.
  6. Has anyone tried devices that measures lung capacity, to check progress of breathing exercises? I found something like this: They are also called spirometer (I just learned this word today from google).
  7. Although I can sing with some vibrato some of the time, I find my vibrato not very appealing, compared to professional singers. I read that there is natural vibrato (the desired type) and diaphragm vibrato (the wrong type). I'm worry I might have developed the wrong type. How can I tell which type of vibrato I have?
  8. As a beginner voice student, I need a piano for my daily practices. However, I live in a small studio apartment and have no space for a full size piano. What is the smallest piano/keyoard that works? Something like this maybe: Actually, I only need slightly more than 2 octaves since my current range is low C to high D. I do have some apps on my tablet pc that simulate a piano, but I prefer a standalone device with real keys. I also found some mini midi keyboards that are more compact (25 keys) and can raise/lower the tones by octaves. Unfortunately they are only midi controllers and require a computer to make sound; otherwise they would be perfect. Suggestions?
  9. Thanks for all suggestions. I will try to record my lessons from now on so I can not just review what is taught, but to check for improvement a few months from now.
  10. I took my first voice lesson last week and was given some exercises like singing "si" in bursts, "ha" in bursts, lip trills, etc. I can do these exercises until my diaphragm hurts, but how do I measure progress? And how much do I have to do them before there is noticeable progress? If I can see improvement, then it will motivate me to do them more.