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  1. I am amazed by the combination of finesse and power he uses in a lot of stuff he sings. Curious as to what he's doing technically to make it happen.
  2. Jay's singing here just blows me away. Would like to hear any thoughts on what techniques he uses and opinions on how he does things. Song starts around 2:09
  3. Very nice job on this Keith (& Snax)! Always loved this song. Tooth & Nail was a great album, wore that thing out on my turntable back in the 80's!
  4. HOLY WOW! That was incredible! Checked out your version of Victim of Changes as well which was also awe- inspiring. Your hard work has definitely paid off!
  5. Yeah I think he's a great singer, not technically maybe but it sounds good. Especially the stuff from Pride & Glory and the Book of Shadows albums.
  6. Ha! Yes BLS opened and I swear that solo lasted at least 10 minutes! I actually felt myself nodding off during it! I remember thinking how can I be falling asleep? BLS was very loud that night however Zakk's vocals were not very loud. Did you notice that at all during your show? Very good show. I saw them in St. Louis on the 11th and two nights later saw Guns 'n Roses in Kansas City. I was not expecting a lot from Axl after all these years but he was FANTASTIC! I saw the original band in '91 and he was much better Saturday night than he was the first time I saw them. He was so good I am going to Indy in a couple weeks to see him again! Pretty great weekend for me, 2 of my top 5 vocalists of all time in 3 days!
  7. Totally agree Keith. I saw him a week ago and he was absolutely amazing! Painkiller was the highlight of the show for me and he nailed it!
  8. I just discovered this band last night and was blown away! Finally a band of young men playing dirty blues rock! I was beginning to think it would never happen again. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys thought of the singer's (Jay Buchanan) technique. Sounds like an open throat singer to me although I am far from expert. He reminds me of a cross between Paul Rodgers and Steve Marriot. Lots of soul! Here's another with (I feel like) some Eric Burden influence.
  9. Absolutely awesome job Snax! I could listen to this all day! Wish I could sing it, for now I'll just have to live vicariously through you!
  10. Dreamer Deceiver - Judas Priest