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  1. Thanks for the reply's. The reason I prefer to learn from a program is because i'm methodical person and I like structured learning. Especially if i'm new to a subject. I would not know where to start and how to progress if i'll use youtube and other free resources. If I plan to commit to something for few months almost every day, I prefer to get good learning material which is structured so I will have the best chance to succeed. I pretty much narrowed it down to Robert Lunte(TVS) or Ken Tamplin(KTVA). Though Singorama look nice to beginners, Anne Peckham & Jaime Vendera got good reviews(but its only cd/book and I think a video might be usefull for me at my level), another option is Per Bristow(though NCdan just said it is not good). I know they are all good, but which one focus the most on the FUNDAMENTALS? I don't need the advance material right now, just good explanations and exercises to get me from the bad starting point that i'm at today, to a decent level where I can sing with an acoustic guitar without my voice sounding bad or cracking.
  2. Hey, i'm new here. I started learning to play guitar and decided I also want to improve my vocal abilities. I want the full package I have no aspiring to become a pro singer. All is want is to be able to sing while playing the guitar or singing in karaoke and that me and my surroundings will enjoy. I have high self awareness and simply saying my problem is that my voice sucks. I know a lot of people say they have a bad vioce but mine really is. This makes singing not fun for me or anyone around me. I know the best solution is getting a teacher but this is not an option at the moment. So the solution is some self study product. I also know that there are a lot of great products and that everyone has their preference, so what i'm looking for is the the product that focuses the most on the foundations - both by EXPLAINING the basics and by training(duh). After googling and searching in relevant forums I got pritty big list of the recommended coachers: Seth Riggs: Brett Manning: Kevin Richards: Roger Love: Ken Tamplin: Robert Lunte: Jaime Vendera: Anne Peckham: Per Bristow: James Lugo: Cathrine Sadolin(CVT): ?Singorama by Emily Mander Can anyone with experience with some of these coachers/products point me to what product should I get? A product that will address my needs the most. (I do not restrict myself to the above list. I don't have problem to learn from multiple sources if necessary-as long as the price is reasonable). If that matters, the music I listen to the most and want to sing is rock(coldplay, arcade fire...), britpop(oasis, smiths...) and folk/folk-rock(elliott smith, bob dylan...) - so nothing fancy like metal or opera Thanks.