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  1. A course for someone who never had any lessons on how to sing or who wants to formally learn singing. In other words, when a child/young person go to a music/singing teacher to learn singing, the training they get is what I'm looking for in online format. I don't know how else to clarify this.
  2. Thank you MDEW. This is exactly what I meant, except I am looking for something that covers music and not technique.
  3. Specific about what? I'm not dictating what the course should or should not have. It simply has to be an online course that teaches singing starting from the basics. What it contains or should contain is not something I'm telling or asking. If you know about such a course then that's what I want to know.
  4. Whatever a competent teacher would include in a fundamental course. I don't require it to have certain fundamentals. I need something that claims to work as an elementary-to-advanced education/training course, and which assumes no prior knowledge.
  5. Hi, I was wondering what singing course you would recommend for someone wanting to get a basic but comprehensive course on singing. This is not meant to answer 'how to sing high' or other 'secret' techniques etc. These things could be in the course. The point is it is a singing course, working as a comprehensive course and teaching the basics of music and singing, not necessarily 'techniques'. Doesn't have to be genre specific, in fact, shouldn't be genre specific. It would be like a guitar course that doesn't teach you how to play fingerstyle, or rock or jazz rather teaches you all the basic things you need to know about playing guitars including music theory. While elementary jazz, blues, rock, classical, etc would be essentially part of the course I would assume, the focus is not to teach 'styles' particularly. I hope this was clear. Also, would be great if you shared what kind of basic training you took and how (self taught, tutor). Thanks
  6. Wow! Thanks so much everyone. I love this forum! Thanks Steven, ronws, killerku, Jens, Felipe. You are great.
  7. Hi, Looking to get suggestion about great vocal melody writers. It's difficult to specify what I mean by great vocal melody. But singing lines with great rhythm, catchy yet not predictable, instantly likable because of gripping dynamic, are mainly the qualities I think. So, I like stuff done by Ella Fitzgerald from the Cole Porter songbook and other songs too. L Armstrong of course. Elvis. I also like Iron Maiden, if you listen to this kind music. Bruce Dickinson's vocal lines are very engaging and dynamic. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I don't care about genre and language. Don't kindly assume I have listen to/am aware of all notable singers. So, if it's a basic/obvious suggestion that's great too. Thanks in advance.
  8. And wow!!!! You sound amazing on those soundcloud clips!!
  9. Thanks. I don't understand the jargon but got the gist of what you said.
  10. wow! Simple. ha ha. Thanks very much. You didn't say how common or rare it is among singers.
  11. Hi, I don't have any theoretical knowledge. I have sort of a basic understanding of the core concepts of music but I wouldn't know what to do if you told me to sing in E flat or something like that. Anyway, there are some videos on youtube that have sound samples to test which vocal type you are. They play a number of notes (E2 G4 etc.) and then give you a table to determine your type based on which was the lowest and highest you could sing and match pitch. So, my question is If someone can sing all the the notes played (A, D2, B2 whatever they are and anything in between then) what does that mean? I'm not saying I can do it or even want to do it. I also understand, I think accurately, that this skill does not automatically and necessarily mean that someone is a great singer. I just don't know if this is something that all/most professional and expert singers have or it's a rare skill/quality among even expert singers. And what does it mean if someone has this skill. Does it mean she/he has unbelievable vocal prowess or it's just an impressive/useful skill not all that earth shattering. Thanks.