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  1. @kickingtone Thanks for your reply. By clue I wanted to ask if I have the voice to sing. Because I find my voice cringe worthy.
  2. Hi there So I really want to learn to sing but I have zero clue if I should or if I can. I have recorded a snippet of something I wrote. What is your honest opinion? I am okay with criticism. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi dcprronk, Thanks for the references, it would help a lot as I have grown up in a small town in India so I never really got the chance to work on the music that I like because of unavailability of training or records here but now I can really think of finding my way through the musical world because of the wonderful thing called internet and networking. And I would try to work on the songs that you have suggested and post later for your valuable opinions. Thank You Binny
  4. Hello Eric (Basso Profundo), Thank You for taking time to share your opinion. You have given me some wonderful advice that I will definitely follow. I will work on my voice as much as I can. And thanks for the moon river reference, it kinda gives me an idea of how I actually sound cuz its sometimes hard to judge your own voice. Thanks Binny
  5. Hi dcpronk, Thank You for taking time to listen and express your opinion. You have given some really encouraging words. My age, well I am 23 but I know I don't sound mature enough, thats a big problem with me. Any suggestions?
  6. I have always loved singing but have been reluctant in pursuing it. So It would be really helpful if someone would tell me if I can sing and should I pursue it or not. Please Please.. The song is Need You Now without any backing tracks. Open to all kinds of responses