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  1. Hey everyone, So I just separated from the military after 4 years, and my long-time dream is to become a singer. However, I've always wanted to learn how to produce music... so I'm pretty set on attending Full Sail University in Florida, which is apparently a really good school for learning this stuff. I just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on whether this seems like a good idea, or if anyone has any insight on the school/ getting a degree in music production/recording arts, etc Here's the specific program I'm looking into:
  2. :) Hey all, I've always been interested in singing and I was wondering if you could critique my voice. I know I got a "poppy" tone... also ignore the song selection; I did it as a joke for some of my friends but it got some good feedback so I just decided to share it with you. As far as singing experience; I've never been in choir or anything, just singing home alone or in the car lol. But I decided I want to take it a step further so that's why I joined this forum, to hopefully improve and learn how to get better. Keep in mind my singing was just through the mic on my laptop computer