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  1. sigsig

    Need help reaching C6

    That is what I am worrying about. I am just trying to figure out, if this has to do with support, vocal abductor muscles or lack of cricothyroid muscle strenth, or technigue... It just feels like im stuck there...
  2. Great information on the throat, here: On support: "The work and movement which controls the outflow of air. Support means working against the natural urge of the diaphragm to release air. This is achieved through the interaction of three muscle groups in the abdomen, loin and back."
  3. Hi, first post here. Simple question regarding getting myself to sustain a pitch at C6. (Octave above the mens high C, I am a male by the way). I find that I can produce the most of the vowels anytime at D5, but I find that I need to warm up before being able to go higher then that, and when I do warm up and when I do go higher then that, then I can mostly just sustain the vowel OH (pronounced in the word so) and most often only up to F#5 but sometimes G#5. I have a feeling that I need to somehow shift gears in that area to get higher. I do not want to force myself to go any higher then that. Do you have any tips or information on this subject? Do you think I just need to practice scales, going regularly up and down and eventually the muscles that produce the pitch will start to stretch or do you think that this is a technical problem.?
  4. Hi, I am a music producer looking for an vocalist to collaborate with. I have had some success so far, but nothing big. If you are interested in doing electronic / pop music collaboration please send me a private message.