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  1. Hey, Does anyone know how i can go about singing as fast like in the links below; 1.51 to 2.41 - And here 2.13 to 2.16 and 2.23 to 2.26 - 0.45 - 0.51, 1.00 - 1.03 - 1.13 to 1.16 - A perfect example; 2.20 to 2.26 - It seems like it they are using a conversational tone/ slightly sounds like they are rapping - singing (makes me, wonder whether it is actually singing or are they just talking). Also,If they are singing, are they doing it all in chest? And if anyone knows of any exercises i may need to do, in order to gain the ability to do this type of singing automatic, that would be great! Thanks
  2. But how do i incorporate that into my exercises of gee, gee , bub bub etc?
  3. Yep. It just feels like something is preventing me from accessing head during the scales. It's like all i can feel is my chest rising up to capture that middle bit of the scale.
  4. hey guys, Quick question. Recently, me and my teacher have been trying to work on make my head voice stronger atm with the use of scales/exercises (the type that allows the shift from chest to head). The weird thing is that i managed to do it with ease during the lessons but now after playing the recordings, i can't seem to get that head sensation. For some reason, i keep pushing chest during the middle bit of the scale (that goes from chest to head and back again). Or sometimes, it just feels that when doing the exercises, the sound is all stuck in my throat when trying to access head or sometimes, The main issue is that, it just remains pure chest - basically me pulling chest to reach that middle bit of the scale.. It just feels like something is limiting me from accessing head. Thanks Edit; 5 tone scale on bub, gee etc.
  5. Thanks for the reply, dude. I will deifneintly take up your exercise. Quixk question, and forgive me if i sound like a newb, but how do i subdivide the beat using the metronome? I understand how to do the exercise with quarter notes, but how do i go about singing the "buh" with sixteenth, eight and thrty second notes etc? I know this is something that is hard to explain via text but will it be something like; (eight note example) beat/tick1 beat/tick 2 beat/tick 3 beat/ ticke 4 buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. Actually, i am already doing something like that tbh - just not using the audacity software to do it. I play a song in youtube and repeat a phrase, record etc. Yeah, i occasionally tap my feet when listening to a song
  7. Yeah, i have been told that i have problems with rhythm and that i should try and sing verses with a metronome - just to get some feel of rhythm. Oh, so would you recommedn that i just change the metronome's BPM to a BPM that i can sing at?
  8. hey guys, How does one practice a song with a metronome? I have set the metronome BPM to the actual BPM of the song, but yet when i compare the actual track of the song, the beeps (metronome) are going at a much faster tempo than the tempo the guy is singing in. When i tried to sing the song with the metronome, it just wasn't working. Any suggestions, guys? Thanks!
  9. Hahah, fair enough. But is there nothing i could do untlll my next lesson? I guess, in am somewhat of an impatient learner lol
  10. Well, to be fair. The lesson was just about to finish when he mentioned it. So, he never had time to go too much into it. I was just wondering if there was something i could do, in the meantime till my next lesson.
  11. Hi guys, In my singing lesson, my teacher tried to get me to sing a song on different keys. She tried to get me to sing the song on a (what sounded like a high key) high key and for some reason, my voice automatically went into my head voice or maybe falsetto. And then when he played a low key for me to sing the song in, i automatically went to a very low chest sound. He wanted me to sing in my own normal voice when singing at that high key but for some reason, my voice just switched and went into a really airry voice.He also mentioned that it seems that for some reason, i have unconsciously told myself when it comes to the high notes of a piano, i have to switch to that airy tone but when it comes to the low notes of the pianio, i should switch to chest. i think i have had this problem for as long as i can remember. It's like i see it as, high notes - only head/falsetto and low notes - only chest. Does anyone know how i can combat this problem? I want to be able to sing the song at the higher keys, he played without unconsciously switching to that airy tone. Thanks!
  12. i have got a licks and trills cd. Will that help?
  13.   Thanks for the reply. So it's not a breathing issue?