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  1. Follow up: I found out from Boss CS that the VE-20 does not store loops.
  2. Hello everyone... I'm seeking some feedback on vocal processing options onstage. I've been looking through different processors. I am seeking a couple of important options: 1. basic vocal effects of reverb, chorus, delay, etc. 2. Loop system where created loops can be stored and recalled 3. An "UNDO" feature where unwanted overdubs can be removed I just bought a BOSS RC-300 which has all of these capabilities, but is expensive at $500, huge for the stage, and probably is more complex than I need. Also, the unit does not have XLR outputs for the house, which isn't a huge deal but is a factor. Another option I've considered is pairing a TC Helicon Mic Mechanic and a Digitech Jam Man looper, thats about a $375 deal, but a smaller setup, with a simpler approach. I purchased a TC Helicon VoiceLive play but took it back because you can't store and recall created loops. I'm looking into a Boss VE-20 but I am not sure if you can store created loops with the pedal, although the effects seem legit based on youtube clips. Here are my questions: Can you store loops and recall with the Ve-20? What are your thoughts on the RC 300, is it worth the size, money and output concerns? Do you have any concerns regarding pairing the Mic Mechanic and the Jam Man? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance to all those willing to respond, your thoughts are valuable and appreciated.... Joe