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  1. I can't seem to figure out how to search the site or TVS... What are some good methods to gain control on lifting the soft palate?
  2. The brain has plasticity. Meaning it can change. Try teaching a child, or yourself, how to play the drums. You will soon find that you need to first go very slow, then speed up. Do the same. You're learning to do things that the brain doesn't know how to do. First teach the brain how to do it. If your melody is too hard, start on something easier. Hot cross buns? Maybe that's too easy. But you get the point. You can always get music books for kids. Practice the simple stuff. Or create your own melodies on the piano, and follow them. It doesn't mean you cut out the stuff you want to do, though. You can still practice that. You just might not be awesome at it. If I want to be a sword smith, I must first learn to make a nail. A dagger or an axe would come long before a sword ever did.
  3. Not sure what to call this. But I'll call it my ghost range. From about E3 to E4 I have basically a missing octave. I can sometimes hit the notes; but usually my brain just skips to another octave. I have difficultly especially around B3 where half the time it's just air. If I manage to trick my brain to hit it I can ring it out okay sometimes. I think it's about muscle memory. I probably never use that octave. I usually speak in the 2's and I sing in the 4's. Any trick to fixing this? I was thinking maybe sirens up to notes in that range, and then switching between octaves. Like B2, B3, B4... Then C2,C3,C4, etc. Any videos in TVS/FPs that speak on this?
  4. found this free trial software
  5. Is there any use for spectrograms in singing? For what? Bringing in harmonics? If so, any recommendations on software/apps? I found this one site that talks a bit about them.
  6. Hi guys. If I go lightly on my pressure I can sing up to F#5. The issue is that my throat gets very tight. I can start tight on a C#5 and then relax and add air to get it louder without issue. Any tips on how to do this for F#5. The F#5 seems too tight to actually be able to send enough air into it to add volume. Is this more an issue with control? Or muscle? More practice vs working out more. Thanks, Rich.
  7. Thanks Draven! Ya, I am sure it's all there. It's just a matter of finding it. I'm going in order of links right now. And the book doesn't have a search function. And for the other end, is there an opposite diagram for low resonance? Like, aim it down into the Adam's apple? Is it possible to have a mixed vocal fry and chest voice?; similar to how there is a mixed chest and head voice. I think I figured out why my chest has a habit of sounding sloppy/thick and not as clean as my head. I think I might have a side of fry in it every now and then.
  8. I can get an inhaled whistle voice. I was able to do it as high as F6. But i cant seen to switch over to exhaled whistle. Side note. I just sung an A5 in my head voice after trying to whistle. So there is some benefit to it. Before i was at d#5
  9. I can comfortably hit C5~D#5 in my head voice. I have no clue how to use my whistle voice though. Are there any videos on this?
  10. Anyone knowledgeable on uploading videos with audio from an artists song? Like legal stuff and the route of dealing with youtube? My John Legend video just had a copyright claim on it by Som Livre, Varios...I think it's some company in Brazil. I don't even think they are tied to John Legend. It said I could post it but not make money off of it. I'm not trying to. But, I figured I would "dispute" it for two reasons. One, fair use laws in Canada are pretty good, from what I know of. And two, I don't think they even own the copyright.
  11. re: All of me That's funny, I just bought that song this morning. I also uploaded a video of me singing it. It's in my journal. Found here: It's the newest one. Though I'm singing in my chest voice. Which is very low to me. I prefer singing mixed or in my head. And, Planet at the disco Is awesome. I only really know their older stuff from early 2000's.
  12. So... as per the original post. Any one know any baritone pop singers?
  13. True. Also his focus at school was jazz and contemporary.
  14. I think that myself being a beginner he will be great, even if he is limiting