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  1. I can't seem to figure out how to search the site or TVS... What are some good methods to gain control on lifting the soft palate?
  2. The brain has plasticity. Meaning it can change. Try teaching a child, or yourself, how to play the drums. You will soon find that you need to first go very slow, then speed up. Do the same. You're learning to do things that the brain doesn't know how to do. First teach the brain how to do it. If your melody is too hard, start on something easier. Hot cross buns? Maybe that's too easy. But you get the point. You can always get music books for kids. Practice the simple stuff. Or create your own melodies on the piano, and follow them. It doesn't mean you cut out the stuff you want to do, though. You can still practice that. You just might not be awesome at it. If I want to be a sword smith, I must first learn to make a nail. A dagger or an axe would come long before a sword ever did.
  3. The balance seems off on vocals. Sounds like you're too breathy or struggling to add volume. It's never to early to play live. Just play live in a safe area. Where rejection is okay. And the people around you will support you. I've done open mic a bunch. I've been terrible. But I was surrounded by friends, so it didn't matter.
  4. I sound horrible. lol. Teachers are great for feedback and direction. Especially when they can direct you in areas you need to go. When we do things ourselves we tend to not really have a clue where to go.
  5. Oh. Back to the Khan academy. All of it's videos are free. It also has student profiles, tracks learning and has a reward system. It does offer some music lessons as well for free. But not much. I think this is because it is more geared towards math and such. Meaning, something that offers music lessons on video, has a reward system, is free, and makes over a million dollars a year already exists.
  6. here is the list of in app purchases for pokemon go. All of which you do not need to play the game.
  7. From my understanding, pokemon go is still free. and is always free. You pay to make your life easier in the game. Not sure on their business model, but I am sure you can look it up. The concept that gets people addicted to Pokeman go/world of warcraft/ etc is the reward system. It's this addiction that gets people to pay for things that they already get for free. You can try to download the app if you don't believe that it is free. And You can easily look up how much money they made. It's not like I am lying about that. And no, Pokemon go doesn't make money with advertising, to my knowledge. The concept is called free-to-play
  8. Khan academy offers online videos for learning. All for free. In 2010 it made 1.826 million USD.
  9. a search for music apps shows top grossing... it also lists several that are free. meaning, that while they are free they still make money.
  10. But that has to do with name power of a product that has already sold... And, the psychology of the reward systems involved.
  11. It's not about excuses. Pokemon go is a very small limited program that has made over $600,000,000. It is free.
  12. To clarify, my post is not about telling anyone to give stuff away for free. It is about how society is changing. And how people that buy things realize there are other options. Nor is it about me, or about Robert's course.
  13. Not sure you follow me. What I am saying is the way of the future for most if not all things is to provide things online, and online for free or really cheap. Simply because of logic. That is, if it can be offered online for free, then the only thing stopping it from being offered online for free is that no one has done it yet. Several games used to be pay per month, and have converted to free to play. Now you can find free to play games everywhere. In reality, these are pay for extra systems. You're paying to either have fluffy things that are not usable but set you aside from someone else, or you are paying to do things faster than others. There are also just plain 100% free things. Anything that loses it's copyright, for example. Abandonware, or books. That's all free. I can put things onto youtube for free, or any other platform. This allows others to see what I am saying for free. The problem with uploading things for free is that people don't have the drive. They don't see the point. Youtube makes it too hard to make money. There is also the pay for one, free for everyone method. That's the perfectly legal method of a person buying a book, reading it, and then rewriting it or uploading videos that use the concepts and materials within the book. This of course is limited by drive. As soon as someone figures out on how to get free labour to make stuff to give to people for free, but still make money, then you will see it happen more. (that already happens with youtube, but not good enough) No, I am serious about logic. So serious, that I will discuss all avenues of a concept whether or not I actually care about doing it. Meaning, I care more about the logic of that concept. Meaning... No, I paid for singing lessons online, I am paying for professional training, and I am buying singing books as well. I am serious about time and logic and effort made. I know how to get from A to B... Being a professional singer is step Z43221.c5 There is a "disconnect" between step A and step Z43221.c5 . In my mind I can not see a clear path. That said, I can see other clear paths and steps that need to be done before I get there. I do not see the point in saying I will make it to Mars. I very well could, but there is no point in lying to myself or others. When I see that mars is a few blocks away, then I could say "ya, I'll make it to mars". But until I can see that it is in my sights, there is no point in lying. That's just setting oneself up for failure. That doesn't mean a person can't try to do better. If I am on a straight road. My house is at the very start. and your house is at the very end. I can tell you right now that I will never make it to your house on foot. Not even by car. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling you're quite a bit of a way away from me. That said, I could tell you that I could easily drive on the road and drive forward. Nothing hard about that. Every hour, every day that I drive on the road I will get closer to your house. But it doesn't mean I am going to say I am going to go there until it makes sense that I would. Even if I were to drive up to the front of your house, you still have the whole other side of it... I now made it all the way there; physically I am at your house. But why on earth would you ever let me in? I am some random guy you never heard of that just drove half way across two countries to your door. you'd be a fool to let me in. That's what singing as a professional is. Which is why, I don't say that I am going to sing as a professional. It would make more sense to find the right people first. and know that I would have an in. Even with a map, I can't just get there.
  14. It all depends on frame of reference. Some people can pay a monthly fee for martial arts and go as much as they want in the week for it. Singing lessons are typically charged by the half hour. I, for example, must work one hour to pay for one half hour of singing lessons. Singing lessons are very different from other forms of lessons. There is also no grade system, other than maybe royal conservatory. If I were to take swimming lessons there is a set out flow that I need to be able to do before progressing to the next level. There is a direct connection between what is being taught and what a person is achieving. You need to be able to swim x amount of lengths, tread water for x amount of time, et cetera. From Sept to december I can pay 70$ to put my child in for 30 min swimming lessons. for 10 lessons. So, that's 7$ per lesson. That lay out is set to have my child learn a set skill. I know that the teacher will aim to teach them that skill and they can come out with a badge or paper, or something similar to say that they have now achieved this. I haven't been to a lot of singing lessons, but I find most of them are "not a school" and "student directed". Which basically means the student chooses where to go and the teacher has no promised direction. Not saying all are like this, only the ones I have experienced. 26$ to pay someone that day one tells me they have no plan, tells me I need to tell them what to teach me, and plays audio clips from their computer or simpler warmups than I use, you can see how I would think it was a waste of money. This is largely because I don't know what to expect, and the teacher never told me that he has lots of awesome information to provide me if I would just visit him for 52 weeks and pay them $1,352 a year for what he has to offer me with his years of expertise. The hidden thing is that the teacher may well be able to make someone the next big hit. Odds of them actually becoming a next big hit are next to none. But they might be able to sing good. Just like I might be able to swim good, but it being my dream, it will not make me into an olympic swimmer. How many Olympians get chosen every four years? The cool thing with the internet is that stuff becomes free. And software is available. Which means people value teacher assisted lessons even less. Why pay more when you can get it for free. It only takes one kind heart to upload everything they have learnt about singing for free to make it available to the world for free. It only takes one not for profit organization to make music software that can analyse the voice and detect notes, harmonies, etc. I am sure that it could even be programed to determine if a person is using their voices correctly because software can already pick up all the colours and the harmonies. Some simple programming, and then releasing it to the public. Then have crowd sourced programming for player data saving analysing. This would allow for lessons to be geared towards a student. A computer never forgets. Never sleeps. Never gets tired. Never gets angry. A computer can create a lesson that adapts and changes to how a person is doing with difficulty and attention. Meaning it could be set to reward the student and have them ready willing and able to learn how to sing for 4 hours a day. Four hours at 365 days a year = 1460 hours. or, 2920 half hour lessons. Or, @ $26 per half hour lesson. $75,920 per year. Meaning. Realistically a person could learn more than the basics of singing online for free, but would get the value of $75,920 out of it. But, that only takes one person, or group of people, to do it once, simply because they are nice. Other people might sell books or lessons based on total value earned. Meaning, it gets cheaper the more that are sold. Meaning, if 10,000 copies are sold then the rest of the world gets it for free. There are several reasons to see why people have a hard time grasping paying that much money to a music teacher. I do it because I want to learn. It is my "dream". But the reality is I will never be paid to sing. I will never be an Olympian. Because that's what famous singers are. Olympians. In reality, I am learning to swim. But paying more money. And not having any set plan. The good thing about singing though; I can't drown singing.
  15. Not sure what to call this. But I'll call it my ghost range. From about E3 to E4 I have basically a missing octave. I can sometimes hit the notes; but usually my brain just skips to another octave. I have difficultly especially around B3 where half the time it's just air. If I manage to trick my brain to hit it I can ring it out okay sometimes. I think it's about muscle memory. I probably never use that octave. I usually speak in the 2's and I sing in the 4's. Any trick to fixing this? I was thinking maybe sirens up to notes in that range, and then switching between octaves. Like B2, B3, B4... Then C2,C3,C4, etc. Any videos in TVS/FPs that speak on this?