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  1. Hello again guys! I have to tell you ahead of time that I will be in here alot- this is only an ad-lib explanation as I am culling from a handful of other such singing sources. Though there are only a few websites like you guys, I consider my obstacle serious and want to solve it with all the luck I can possibly gather. I have currently a "suitcase and couch" lifestyle. My main bedding for the past two or so years has been about a 6 inches of sofa cushion and a camper roll on a floor. I spend alot of time in my rehearsal space. But next month I am getting a mattress! I honestly don't see m
  2. Wow man. I hope that avatar is not Lou Grammatico. Because I'm from Rochester, NY and I just came from some Lou Gramm media but only today and yesterday. Wow. So anyway. I would say center of the scapulaes and just under the trapezius. I have a long Scott Weiland torso and I have a ways to go with being a regular performer. I have been at it for about 15-16 weeks and devoured everything on singing. I can experience this unpleasantness by simply warming up with some simple candle-blow-outs, shhh's, panting, and then going right into 5-note humms and lip rolls. Thats all it takes
  3. Hi, I have an obstacle when adopting apoggio breathing while rehearsing singing. After only a handful of exercizes, tension begins to build up in my upper back. Not my lower back but my upper back. It has been this way for weeks now. Can anyone help me overcome this? Thank you very much. Sincerely, Jay Peek
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