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  1. Thank you VideoHere! I read into the anatomy of the larynx and about laryngeal height. It seems easier to reproduce the effect just knowing what's going on in there. Also the video was great! Thanks for exposing me to that recording. I like "Over the Rainbow" and I like Jackie Wilson, so I can't believe I haven't heard his version yet. It's great stuff.
  2. Hello All! New to this forum and looking forward to getting to know you all. I was wondering if anyone might be able to explain what Ella Fitzgerald is doing stylistically in certain parts of "Night and Day" (video provided). At 51 seconds, the "are" in "you are the one" and then again at 1 minute 0 secs, the second half of "under" in the line "and under the sun". I hear it a lot in Ella's recordings. It's subtle but I love the effect. Does it have something to do with using the vocal shift from chest to head voice? How does one develop that technique? Any help would be much appreciated !!
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