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  1. So I've been singing for several years now and I've a pretty okay grip on how to use different techniques when I need to. I'm a male to give this some context and I wouldn't say I have a high voice. If anything, my voice is low, not deep but low. I know this because whenever I sing with others, I can always hear a huge difference between our voices. A few weeks ago, we recorder a song in school with over 16 voices in a room, I was on the furthest end from the recorder but yet my voice was still stood out because it was lower that everyone else's. Again, my voice isn't deep and on a good
  2. I'm a male who has been singing in falsetto almost their whole life. Of course I do sing in chest but I find singing in falsetto more comfortable. So today I was practising and I suddenly had this idea to try singing Emotions by Mariah Carey, so I listened to the song several times to get to understand it better and I was really intrigued with the Whistling parts of the song. So instead of trying to sing then song, I tried finding my whistle register but I was only singing in falsetto the whole time, until I breathed out in between singing and I made a squeak. So I tried focusing on the feelin
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