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  1. So I've been singing for several years now and I've a pretty okay grip on how to use different techniques when I need to. I'm a male to give this some context and I wouldn't say I have a high voice. If anything, my voice is low, not deep but low. I know this because whenever I sing with others, I can always hear a huge difference between our voices. A few weeks ago, we recorder a song in school with over 16 voices in a room, I was on the furthest end from the recorder but yet my voice was still stood out because it was lower that everyone else's. Again, my voice isn't deep and on a good practise day, I can hit high notes for example the chorus of I Have Nothing and if I push hard enough, I can sing Let It Go up till the final belt. Yet, I find myself in an impossible position to sing songs from mostly male singers. It's not that the notes are too low, but because it's too high ( ? ) What I mean by this is take an Ed Sheeran song for example, I might start off pretty okay but immediately when the chorus hits, I can't seem to find the right key and when I do, I have to nearly screech to hit the notes. Another example is Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur, I sing the verses perfectly well, but when it enters the prechorus, I can feel my veins in my neck squeezing so hard just to hit the note. This might be a bad comparison because it is a pretty hard song to sing. Or even Luke Bryan or Andy Grammer, both these singers are one of my favourite male singers but it pains me because I can't even sing 1 of their songs. When I listen to their songs, they don't even particularly start singing high notes but for some weird reason I can't find the right key to it. I always end up singing lower than the original and strain my voice real hard to the point where it doesn't even sound good. I don't really know if there's some key that I'm not hearing or something but it baffles me that I can choose to sing Ariana Grande but can't sing Blake Shelton because it's too high. I would really love some insight into this problem as it makes me really hard to harmonize with in groups and I would really like to be able to sing with other guys instead. Another thing to add is that I don't have a bright voice, I might be able to sing Let It Go or Defying Gravity on key but those would never be my performing choices as I only use them as comparisons and range practise. My most comfortable and natural tone sits on a more depressing ( ? ) tone. What I mean by that is that I don't sound cheery or about to bust out singing Broadway. Perhaps this might be a reason to why I can't seem to sing some of the " male " songs because I can't mimic the same tone that some of them tend to have.
  2. I'm a male who has been singing in falsetto almost their whole life. Of course I do sing in chest but I find singing in falsetto more comfortable. So today I was practising and I suddenly had this idea to try singing Emotions by Mariah Carey, so I listened to the song several times to get to understand it better and I was really intrigued with the Whistling parts of the song. So instead of trying to sing then song, I tried finding my whistle register but I was only singing in falsetto the whole time, until I breathed out in between singing and I made a squeak. So I tried focusing on the feeling and I was able tooit very high notes, higher than I thought I could hit. I was concerned whether it was just a really high falsetto but it felt slightly different than a falsetto, instead of feeling the sound coming out from my throat, I could feel vibrations in my head and the sound seemed to be coming from in between the back of my nose and mouth. I was pretty happy with the sound of it so I this time I actually tried singing the song, it sounded okay until I reached the whistling before then chorus and instead of the smooth high sound coming out, a weird falsetto came out instead. After that I went and read about the whistle register and I came upon one where the author of the page talked about how whistling with the wrong technique will damage your voice. I was instantly worried so I came here looking for tips on singing with the whistle register. How do I know I'm actually singing in my whistle register and how to incorporate it into my singing. Thanks im advance !