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  1. Nice video Draven! thank you for sharing. Yea, you're probably right. His range kills me lol. It's a great tease because i feel it's very possible to sound like him when he's not belting. That technique has me jealous! I cannot sound as clear as you in your video -- i feel the range of the chorus has me stuck in head voice/vocal fry trying to emulate what i hear without knowing how to pull up the chest sound. I've never heard of the 4 Pillars of Singing. This is something i plan to check it out. I've seen other singing courses, but few cover the rock style of singing i enjoy the most.
  2. Hello, I'm desperately trying to emulate the hard vocal style of Maynard James Keenan for a cover of "Passenger". I know i'm not a natural tenor, but the notes -- the fry scream sound -- it's all there. Just not the chest-like fullness of his voice during the chorus. Mine is like a whisper of my chest voice, then the head voice, and then a powerful, raspy fry (think "Sail" or Manson's scream). My guess is that most people who try sing this song fail because i've never heard a good cover : /