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  1. Michael Rendon

    Why are YOU a Singer?

    The experience of seeing and hearing "that" sound in my mind and then relaxing into the phonation and then simultaneously hearing it in the stage monitors and feeling the vibrations and energy move through me like a volcano, permeating the atmosphere and audience. It's like being possessed by my own spirit, just a witness to the magic and experiencing it first-hand. That's why I do it. And really just because it is so much fun to rock out behind a mic
  2. I just had an audition last night and nailed all of the songs better than I've ever done before. I thought my voice would deteriorate the older I got, but it's better now than it was when I was 20, thanks to Robert's program. I'm super stoked at the possibilities since I've only begun with the foundation building routine. I can't wait to get more in depth with the program. It's like I've had blinders on all of my life and was too afraid to admit I could learn a thing or too.