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  1. JordyGl

    Best vocal program/coach

    Hey mr Lunte! Happy to see you active on your forum as well haha, talk about dedication. I made the decision and I'm 100% sure you can call me your student any time soon. Right now, I'm still on a holidayjob to earn some extra cash, but as soon as the last weekend of July starts, I'm purchasing your product! It gives me a smile on my face when I hear that your training can fix my problem now! I am looking forward to putting my dedication as well as my motivation into your training, mr Lunte. Thank you
  2. JordyGl

    Best vocal program/coach

    Thanks! Will definately check it out as soon as I get home. Does it also teaches propper breathing techniques? Another concern I have is weither it teaches the 'diapraghm' technique, since right now my throat gets dry after one song and it 'crunches' up my voice, possibly hurting it. I really want to sing correctly and durable
  3. Dear members. So I went to the local music store to inform about singing lessons and the shop-owner suggested I should take a look into the online program of Tanesha Walker, which lead me to searching for more (online) coaches. Now I've been wandering around the internet for a couple of months already, looking for the best program. Realising I am completely singing the wrong way (will probably put up a sample on the Review my singing as soon as the payment is done), I am in need of good material. (I also think I should learn how to sing from the diaphragm) Now I also recently won a microphone of Brett Manning, the founder of Singing Success, and I am seriously wondering to buy his program. Though I've heard that his exercises 'broke down' the voice of Hayley Williams while she was singing there and she switched to Ron Anderson. Further, I've also recently purchased the 10$ Vocal warm-up app from Ron Anderson, which is going great! Although it does not adress any real techniques. Does anyone have experience with these online programs? Are they worth the money? I've also looked up some more about Jaime Vendera, Ken tamplin, etc. Though I am really confused which one is the most usefull program, since they all present theirselves as 'the best' haha. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  4. I just have a basic question about performing live. Do vocalists/singers use any effects while they perform live, assuming it depends on genre if they actually do. I was debating this with a friend, I thought that most of them just used a somewhat studio-like effect while performing live and my friend told me most of the artists out there are purely singing with a clear voice without effects. So can anyone verify this? :-) Kind regards