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  1. Thanks Kevin! you'll be happy to know that my higher range and head voice have come back. It's a miracle!!! I'm so happy, I've been singing near enough constantly (being super careful) to make up for the two months I've been without it. Thank you all so much for your help
  2. I have never heard of this straw exercise but as soon as I've done my soundcheck I will try this! I do really want to see an ENT, it just takes so long to get an appointment. I was scared in case I have nodules but I don't think I do now, as occasionally my voice comes back - it's just every time it comes back I push myself too hard and go back to square one. Doesn't help that our microphones are rubbish as I'm always screaming out the notes. Tonight I'm going to sing quietly regardless of whether I'm heard or not. That video looks very helpful though. I'll let you know how I get on with it. Thank you i looked up some more remedies for curing nodules naturally (in case I do have them but as I said, I think I'm just exhausted)... has anyone tried drinking aloe Vera gel before? Online it says this is very good and I have been drinking aloe juice but I'm unsure how pure it is. Apparently you can drink the gel you buy in stores but I don't 100% trust this. Any ideas?
  3. Do you have raw ginger or is it in liquid form? As disgusting as it is I have been eating raw ginger and garlic the past few days. I think it has helped a bit!
  4. Thank you so much for all of your help guys! I will contact Robert Lunte and watch the videos by Mark Baxter. I plan to see an ENT specialist as soon as I am back in my home country as there are no appointments on this island until October (which is when I return home). For the time being I will find advice on singing with and working with the damage. I will also try the daily ginger i'll update you soon!
  5. Hey guys, I'm new to the site. I am really worried about my vocal health. I have just graduated uni after years of specialising in vocals and two months ago I began my first proper singing contract in a different country. Because of the change in climate I got ill and ended up with laryngitis. Unfortunately I still had to sing and do shows with laryngitis, however, I had to almost scream to get a sound out. My voice kept getting worse and the laryngitis developed into pharyngitis and guess what... I still had to sing every night. No voice rest for me It has now been two months and although I do proper warm ups before my shows, afterwards my voice is gone because of the amount of strain I am putting on it. I still have to shout to get the notes out and I cannot sing effortlessly like I used to. I'm getting so fed up of it. I live with other singers and I feel unworthy to join in with their songs because my voice sounds so bad compared to what it used to be like. The other singers in my company must think I'm talentless. I just want my voice back. I cannot do runs clearly; it sounds like I am sliding around the notes and my head voice is completely non existent. I know now I should see a voice therapist but finding an English speaking one may be difficult out here. Does anyone have any advice on remedies or exercises that will help me get my voice back? Almost importantly, do you think I have permanently damaged my voice?