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  1. good advice.and dang, singing is so much more complex then what i thought it would be, good singers make it look easy, like they are not even trying. so its decided, i declare that all the good singers are not from this planet, they must be alien shape shifters! all jokes aside, i seem to have created my own type of practice, what i have been doing is re-playing the first phrase of a song over and over and over, between each repeat, i attempt to simply mimic the phrase over and over, trying new things and such until i find a technique that sounds decent or at least better then all my other previous attempts. once i find something i like, i practice it over and over while trying to make it sound better each time i sing it. do you think practicing this way will yield any good results?
  2. thanks for that info and video! this is exactly what i needed to know. i been going about singing totally wrong, no wonder i made 0 progress. i been focusing so much on trying to find a voice that works for me, im constantly changing my voice, trying new things, this causes me not to progress at all because i dont practice and improve a certain method for singing, i assumed that i would eventually stumble upon a method that sounds good with my voice, if i been focusing on improving one type of sound, im sure i would of made tons of progress by now. and when u mentioned singing vowels, it made total sense to me because i have noticed that sometimes when i sing certain vowels they sound absolutely perfect, and in order for me to sing the vowels properly, i have to control the release of air in the right way to make it sound good, i think i may try to apply that method to all of my singing. great video and info, will be of great help.
  3. this is kinda hard to explain properly, ill try my best. so when i try to sing, there is hundreds upon hundreds of different type of sounds that i can apply to my voice, for instance, i can make my voice sound compressed, nasally ect... there is many more different sounds i can do but i simply do not even know how to discribe them, and sadly, none of them sound good at all, some sound better then others, but they are all still border line horrible. when trying to apply changes to the sound of my voice, i feel like i am constricting my vocal range in some way, i feel a tension of some sort in my throat, and this tension prevents my voice from reaching the desired key/pitch i aim for. should i not try to change the sound of my voice when singing? should i just use my natural speaking voice to sing while allowing my voice to sound how ever it naturally sounds? my voice is quite deep naturally and doesnt sound right when trying to sing with my naturall speaking voice. is what i am saying makes sense to anyone? another thing: so lets say i somehow manage to sing on key/pitch perfectly, now, does this mean that my voice will be pleasant to listen to? is key/pitch what makes a singers voice sound good/bad? could i sing on pitch/key perfectly, but still have my voice sounding horrible due to the overall sound of my voice? one last thing XD: it seems that i can sing country songs 100x better then the songs i prefer to sing. i actually caught myself off guard when singing a country song just for testing purposes, i found out how to allow my mic play through my headphones with a track playing in the back ground, with this, i can hear myself in real time and make adjustments to my voice if needed. insanely enough, when i sing a country song, i can let my voice sing in my natural speaking voice kinda, like, i feel no tension in my throat at all and my voice doesnt even sound like im the one singing it, its hard to explain, it just sounds great compared to other types of songs i sing. only bad thing is that i hate country music with a passion, if i had to choose between singing country good or not singing at all, then i choose to sing nothing at all lol. am i doomed to only sing country?