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  1. Please suggest me a good condenser mic (under $100) for recording vocals for my small home studio. I am currently looking at the AT2035 (condenser) and Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500, which is recommended by many people. What are your thoughts and maybe own experience?
  2. Condenser microphones are more sensitive than dynamic ones. That means unless you are planning to scream into a mic on stage, a condenser microphone is your choice. I had MXL V67G. Thanks to the low price and USB connectivity MXL V67G is a popular choice.
  3. Choosing a quality microphone – this is not a trivial task, which can successfully be solved thanks to a scrupulous study and a detailed comparison of the main varieties of the microphones, their characteristics, and functional features. Look here: https://microphonetopgear.com/best-wireless-lapel-microphones/
  4. Good work for home recording! I enjoy it really
  5. My friend uses Audio-Technica AT4040. I am thinking of purchasing it too. This mic can be employed in a diversity of situations: in the studio and live format, as well as for highly demanding digital recording systems. The microphone is great for recording such a complex genre as hip-hop (I'm fond of hip-hop).
  6. The best variant is Rode NT-USB mic to my mind. NT-USB confidently claims to be the best price/performance ratio in its price segment, offering excellent sound transmission and opportunities.
  7. Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500. In its price category, according to its characteristics, there is simply no equal microphone for this model. https://microphonetopgear.com/best-cheap-mic-for-recording-vocals/