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  1. She claims to have vocal nodules, hasn't done anything about it. How is she able to sing despite them? Is there anything special about her case or can anyone learn to sing despite nodules.
  2. So, i haven't noticed any changes in my normal voice. I can still sing the lower notes the way i could sing them before. However when i'm trying to sing high, my notes begin to sound hoarse a lot of the times. Now i'm wondering if this is the result of an overuse of the voice, lack of experience with high notes or if this actually might be a sign of vocal damage? I only started experiencing with higher notes at the beginning of the years. i did do a relative vocal rest for a few days, it improved the issue a bit, but i'm still disappointed. Should i just try a longer vocal rest in this situation or should i just keep on singing?
  3. So i do experience symptoms vocal injury. I pray that it might not be permanent. Now i'm wondering how much do it take to repair my voice. Should i do special exercises or should i go on vocal rest?
  4. My voice sounded hoarse and i couldn't hit some high notes. Maybe it's from overuse though.
  5. I'm not a promoter of Mark Baxter. My intention was to get a second opinion to know if the methods in the video are actually useful to prevent vocal damage.
  6. I'm actually worried that i might have permanent vocal damage. The reason that i posted the video was that i was actually unsure if the method in the video is actually helpful. But i had no idea that this forum was so sensitive in this aspect.
  7. So, i usually thought that vocal nodules mean permanent vocal damage and you can't sing with it. Now i've seen an interview with Mariah Carey, where she talks about having nodules since she was a child and being able to sing despite it. So, does that mean i can sing despite nodules or will this damage my voice even more? Why hasn't Mariah Carey damaged her voice?
  8. So, i'm singing for around 3 years now. Around half a year ago i started singing on a daily basis. I'm not trained and didn't do warm up's until recently. However i never really did any screaming, yet my voice still sounded hoarse and i couldn't sing falsetto like i used to yesterday. I had a cold around a week ago. Could that be the reason for this? I've been doing this for over an hour yesterday. Could it be dangerous?
  9. So i hate vocal warmups. In fact i hate it so much that a lot of times it prevents from even starting to sing for a few hours. Now when i watch one of these videos about vocal warmup, it seems that the lip roll is really dominating everything. My problem is that the Lip roll doesn't work for me. Can i do effective warm up while avoiding the lip roll?
  10. Everytime i'm singing in the low register, i feel like it's almost too easy for me. I always feel like i'm cheating every time i'm singing low. What i can do to make the low notes sound more complex?
  11. Even the highest note is sung in full chest voice. Believe me.
  12. All of these 3 singers talked about not doing any vocal warm ups before singing. I'm sure there are many more singers, especially the ones without any formal training, who usually don't warm up. Now i'm wondering if it's really necessary to do warm ups. I hate warm ups more than i hate death, however i also have a strong fear of vocal damage. Can someone please explain to me why Jennifer Hudson is able to sing the way she does without having any warm up? I mean i never did any warm up for years too, until i leaned about the importance of it a few years ago. Are these singers risking their voices? https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/jagger-takes-up-singing-lessons-to-preserve-voice-411249.html Also read that Robert Plant doesn't do any warm ups, but i can't find a source right now.
  13. I experience the same symptoms that Adele talked about. (*auto edit*) i need vocal surgery probably. Bad thing that i ain't famous and rich as her.
  14. So in the last week i started singing at least 3 hours a day, i would like to do it more often but i'm too paranoid about vocal health. I really hate vocal warmup. I used to never to do it, now i started doing it occasionally after i became aware of the risks of not doing it I'm not able to do a lip roll for whatever reason. I always get frustrated from not being able to do it, so i often just skip it and go over to singing some easier songs and then go over to the harder one. However i always fear that i might push my voice too far, that i overtrain it, that i'm doing it wrong. I'm really fearful of losing my voice. I mean i hardly ever scream, yet i feel like i overuse it. My voice is everything that i have. Honestly singing is the only thing in life that makes happy. Losing it would be horrifying. I always feel that my voice hurts or sounds hoarse after some time. I'm afraid i might develop vocal nodules or have already devloped them. So how can i a.) use my voice as much and often as i can, get the full potential out of it and b.) avoid any vocal damage or vocal surgery. That would be horrifying. inb4 get voice lessons
  15. I've calmed down a bit when it comes to my voice type. My main problem with it was the sound rather than the range anyway. I'm not sure if at my age, 20, puberty has already ended though.
  16. I've been interested in it for a while and i think i would benefit from it in almost every area except the voice.
  17. Doctors consider most t levels normal unless they are really, really low. So i was only interested in the consequences for the voice.
  18. My main fear is that my voice might become too deep and i won't be able to sing high anymore.
  19. I'm not sure if i lack testosterone. Main reasons i want to take testosterone is that i'm feeling low energy all the time and i constantly feel tired despite getting lots of sleep. I feel like injecting would help me with this.
  20. Hey. I'm thinking about injecting testoreone to cure my depression. The only thing that keeps me from injecting is the fear that my voice might have a negative impact from it. I'm already a baritone (sadly), which means i can reach low notes pretty easily without any effort but hitting any note above D4 in chest voice takes a lot of effort. It's like climbing a very high mountain. My voice almost means more to me than my life however my lack of testoreone is ruining my life. So what should i do? Should i sacrifice my life or should i sacrifice my voice?
  21. I would love to sing 8 hours a day or more, however i fear that my voice will permantley damage from using it too much. So how do i make sure that i practice as much as possible without risking permanent damage of the vocal cords? After how many hours does it become too dangerous?
  22. I always hear that if i do XYZ , my voice will be permantley damaged. I'm not some famous pop star so i can't afford surgery like Adele, i'm really worried that my voice might damage but at the same time i want to be more free with my singing voice and just try out new styles. How can i be sure that a certain technique won't cause permanent damage.
  23. I know the answer will be "No, don't give up" since you hear this everywhere. However if i'm not a great singer at 20, is it too late and am i wasting my time? I'm already an adult and i fear that i will never learn to sing really great. I mean, i like my voice. I have have nothing to complain. My only problem would be that i'm a baritone. I began singing on a regular basis around late 2014.