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    Mixed voice sounds like vocal fry?

    After 9 month struggling with same problem now here's the answer... Whenever your vocal folds are coming together and you have a good cord closure to stay connected between registers "I'm not talking about FALSETTO" (which means there is gap between your cords) and you try to sing in mix voice, also you want to have a nice and soft dynamic (not so high at volume) your vocal folds tend to stay connected also working more toughly to hold the air pressure coming from your diaphragm (less air=less dynamic) , but then suddenly you'll hear that vocal fry added to your voice!!! So the problem is NOT ENOUGH STRENGTH with your vocal folds to hold the air flow and the result is irregular vibration of vocal folds that cause the short gap between them although it feels you're still connect at voice but there is vocal fry added to your sound Remember this is one of red flags for daily exercise that means your vocal folds are going to feel weaker and tired, this also can be defined as voice fatigue. When this happens just stop for a sec, drink some water and start doing some warm up nice and gentle again (i suggest you stop even singing any song for 2-3 moths or more and just do a daily warm up like humming with closed mouth and play with pitch and dynamic all the way through your range, when you feel that fry is occurring again just add some volume and let your voice sound smooth then decrease your dynamic to it's limit again & again & again) , don't push your chest/head too hard to feel that connection between your vocal cords, it works at start but after a while just makes everything worse. unsimilar to everything vocal training is like "No pain, then gain" so never strain your voice If you are a smoker your training cycle goes much longer than usual for achieving the necessary stamina of your vocal folds, just quit smoking, because daily smoke causes acid reflux at nights which inflames the vocal tract, also it makes your vocal folds feel dried out and irritates your nasal cavity causing post nasal drip, specially at morning when you feel your voice sound heavier and darker. (for those who decide quit smoking, it takes like 3-4 month for your body to match its organs with new situations, during this period you'll feel more mucus and phelgm lumping at your throat but then everything starts to be the same as you were before). Hope this helps.