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  1. link not working|! taken very little notice to SLM, fasseto tone is supposed to be airy and breathy
  2. hidden the emporers new cloths back folling on the jimmyshitforbrains 2.bmp
  3. and it looks like they have covered the evodance and... back folling on the jimmyshitforbrains.bmp
  4. daily exersise, and belting sirens should be a first step
  5. And which university is this now? And dose this include the jimmyshitforbrains bullyboy club as well?
  6. yes but bad practise due to ignorace can only lead to tail of the dog now sillly little man Another walter mitty again silly knocker! really; your only fooling your self for the following reasons..... Chefs spent years learning differnet meals/ dishes/ recipies in the same way that singers did learning melodies to be able to mix and match them and come up with there own recipe that one could call tallant but you have it the wrong way round gain (as ever)
  7. ok now had a listen to, think he did this same song before if i remember, sound ok, but as ever has no reference or nothing to do with what actully he is taking about
  8. more fun foolling! har har! thats a good one MD! I will add it to my list of quotes for the forseable future
  9. You are right MD, he is perfectly in his right to fool him self and fool his dream-trip-shit-wonder-bee-do-dar-fk-wit-walter-mitty freinds (no crime commited theres). He is also entitled to post false and bad vocal training practices (some of them deamed as dangeruss) for anyone starting out and new to singing for them to become tail of the dog them selfs (again no crime comminited again). They are also in there writes for a group to have a sub forum where a group of jimmyshitforbrains bullyboy who have never worked in music before never sang publicly either and never undergone any form o
  10. But thats just madness MD! try anything at the drop of a hat like singing dehydrated and singing off of food that makes you sound and feel bad when we know better to avoid this kind of thing for good vocal health! Now I know Cosmic Dolphin would say "no dont give him any ideas" But to to the point of the original topic. 3 things we should avid eating for singing are. dairy, fat and sugar Now I know he will go off on one of those hikes now and scoff his face with custard cream cakes and a deep fried mars bar and then come back and post a song about it
  11. also works the other way too! I wonder if any one has written a dictionary for vocal terms yet
  12. So you are refering to effects from voice box and volume and not sound color. because in another thread you used the term "bright" to describe the tangy tone created by placement of the toung in the mouth
  13. Brighter sound? are you talking sound color produced in the mouth or power produced in the voice box?
  14. Well to be quite honest MD I saw the first line and though ow god its deja vu time again round and round in circles like the last time, that time about water now this time about food, but its only him and him alone that practaces this crap man ship and unkown to the vocal world that you speak of but still as of yet failed to provide the emperor's new clothes. Ow very well if you insist, I will review his singing later on tonight Tail of the dog now MD! tail of the dog https://www.harmonycentral.com/forums/topic/1938408-bruce-dickinson-tears-of-the-dragon/
  15. sound ok one of those song he did on his death bead I guess when he was not upto doing the big songs
  16. ow for goodness sake! is this another the benifits of singing dehydrated thread Tell you what try fasting without water for 3 weeks and post back another 10 second little clip No I have not listened to you track cant be bothered
  17. Why, if you cant beet em join em. Though I explained how the world now works regarding live singers in my previus posts Pretending to be someone you are not, see my post on the barry white tribute act from the agency in blackpool
  18. you heared my cover of its a raining men and staying alive. Did that not sound bright enough for you?
  19. And do you honestly think this is not happening! I refere to the same agency again, but this time a barry white tribute act. http://bigfootevents.co.uk/Hire/Barry-Gibb-Tribute-Night-Fever With the padding behind him would indicate he is in a recording studio and you can see a dynamic mic, but he is a good 2 feet away from it! that would not pick up very well, so dose that not kind of give the game away really that he is not singing into the mic, also there is no pop filter present on the mic, nearly all studios have one, also when he sings "making it mine" in the chorus, the word mi
  20. well come on it obvius why he choices to record with proper equipment! because he sell him self online as a singer and a teacher. The reason I posted it hear was to see if anyone could spot the different voices from one song to another
  21. Well you ask Felipe then why he posts vidoes of him singing with thosonds if not 10 of thosonds dollars worth of equipment and why he dose not just use the recorder from a 9.99 moble phone out of wallmark or a 1.99 head phones plugged into his computer?
  22. This is the agency I was looking at. Now have a look at this guy pranging about on stage and say yes there is no way he can sing with proper breath support and alinment as the sound has to be dubbed. BUT NO HE HAS NOT (as you said) made it to the big time yet! he is just another joe bloggs pubs and clubs and wedding singer, going along with the way the world works. Never heard him live so I can not comment but I am sure the main stream (including the agencies) will from an opnion of his singing going off of his video http://bigfootevents.co.uk/Hire/Alan-Becks-Legends-Of-Rock-N-Roll
  23. I think you are missing the point! and that is they all do it, they all dub the sound from there video and replace it from sound from a recording studio. as long as you sing the right words at the right time then I dont see how anyone one will notice
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