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Halleluja. First time. No singing lessons

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Just a bit offbeat, unless you were going for that.

Beautiful tone, quite rich and full. You have a lovely voice.

Whenever you start something, it begins just a little bit flat. Like, for example, your first hallelujah. The notes throughout it are fair, but the first note is just a bit off. Maybe decrease the jerk you begin singing with and make that a little smoother next time around.

Your upper notes are much more open than your lower ones, and therefore sound fuller. Try to replicate that in your midrange as well.

This was a lovely performance, hope this criticism doesn't discourage you. Thank you for posting it! <3

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Thanks for the comment. I need criticism to improve and help. So i appriciate every opinion i get. Like i said. I have never trained or anything like that. So everything is new for me. But i am starting at the end of august. 

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