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My First Post (Cover Song)

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Not bad William. You have a nice voice. I listened to 1 1/2 minutes. To start with I wondered if the song was a little low for you, but you seemed to get a little more comfortable. The only real problem I can hear is a little bit of pitch wobble / phrasing inconsistency. Remember to give each note, each word, a value. Don't gloss over some and then stamp on others. Keep your intonation consistent unless you are deliberately varying it for emotion - don't allow it to waver uncontrolled. Pitch wobbles are often due to breathing / support issues, so if I were you I'd look at improving support first, then really critically listening to your own recordings and trying to eliminate pitch wobbles yourself by concentrating on phrasing and supporting so that you have plenty of breath left for suspended notes. Your voice sounds nice and relaxed, which is a great place to be, and many of us have fought long and hard to get that relaxation so well done.

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