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Critique my voice

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Hey, my name is Austin and I'm 17. I've never had any training and I like would some advice to improve my voice. You can check out my music her, but beware, it is a very rough recording. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=478403218

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Hi Austin, sounds pretty darn good; you have a nice vocal tone; definitely work on your pitch related issues...Please let me know if you can identify the areas that you are off pitch. I am assuming you are playing the Piano while you sing...Record the Piano and sing to the Piano; this will help you keep your mind off what your fingers are doing...

The song is catchy and good.

Still some major pitch problems..11 seconds into the song where you sing "I am so" etc...Starts off key 25 seconds in "You do not" off key

I am surprised you are off key in those areas because you sound pretty much on spot when you sing 42 seconds into the song "your love is stronger"

1.11 minutes "more than any" off key

1:14 - 1:23 absolute train recks....you can do better than that.

You have potential...your just need some practice...keep playing and singing and develop your vocals...Your are singing from the chest; you sound a little tight and restrictive...You just need to build confidence in yourself; you do have a great voice and if properly developed could be fantastic...

You need to do basic vocal warm up exercises at least 15 minutes before practice. Do scales I am doing you a favor here...go to this site http://www.vamacoustics.com/gatekeep.html and type in the pass code jam2vam

These are 12 vocal exercises that you should practice...

By giving you this free; I want you to promise to practice with these warm ups and rerecord yourself..Same song and remove the old and post the new version...Your myspace page is new..Do your friends and future fans a favor and give them your best performance... Deal?


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