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I would like your opinion

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Hi to everybody,

I'm new here in the site, getting familiar with everything. I just uploaded a video of me performing. That was last year.

I have been taking vocal lessons for a few years with different teachers and in the last 2 years I have been performing on regular basis.

I'm still in the middle of the way of finding my own sound, I really like hard rock and that's the style I most enjoy singing, but I feel that my voice is still to clean, bright and thin for it.

A couple of month ago I started working with the Deva Method by Jeannie Deva and I do feel some important improvement. I don't have anything recorded since that. As soon as I have something I'll upload it so you can listen, compare and let me know what you think.

So this is the video I uploaded

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Hi Ursula...nice moves...

from what you have said in your message, you have taken lessons since this video...including the extremely wonderful Jeannie Deva...so because I have not seen a video or heard you since then, I will comment on what I hear on this...You are ahead of the music on certain parts....mostly in the beginning of the song...let the music do the talking...yes you are the front gal...: but do not step over the music...respect the players around you...enjoty the stage...try not to always make yourself the center of attention...enjoy who you are on stage with..relax and do your thing.

Vocally..not a bad job...I bet it was nice to hear live. Yes your voice is a bit thin in this; not always; but I can hear that you are lacking depth...I am interested in hearing your comments and peferably hearing you do this song or any other again...You are a Joy to watch and a very good average singer. I say average because of the video..you may be much better now...I would like to hear the change.

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Hi byronicals,

thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. In my opinion, I would like more depth in my voice. I also feel that it's way too bright. It's hard to explain, but I feel that something is missing... I'm not really sure what... maybe it's a summ of things.

About your first comment, I didn't wanted to put a little bit of "history" on the performance because I don't know... they always seem like excuses... jajaja. I was only a guest there, it was the orchestra's concert and we only rehearsed during the sound check. If you look at me I'm kinda looking at the director the whole time... lol. Probably the timing issues come from there... but I'm still going to pay more attention to that in the future.

As soon as I have something new recorded I'll upload it and let you know. Thank you again.


PS: Depth....that's a great describing word.. I'll take note... English is not my main language, sometimes I can't find the right word for some specific thing.

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