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Here Comes Your Man - The Pixies

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Wow, I think you've already improved some since what was it, a week ago? You sound a bit more comfortable now, are you feeling that way?

At this point, you could sing a bunch of a songs, keep expanding your comfortable range, improving your breath support, improving pitch, and getting more and more comfortable. That's all well and good. This is the rock and roll way, and you should do this. Were you playing that guitar at the same time too? That in itself is a tricky skill. I love acoustic jams!

I've got a couple more ideas for ya if you think you're ready for them. One idea that I found very helpful, was get a really good sustained note going, with the best breath support you have. Have this note maybe at some medium point in your range, not too high, not too low. Something comfortable.

Now try changing your vowels, while not changing the note at all, just shaping the different vowels. A, E, I, O, U. Both long and short vowels, each (don't forgot oooh also, it's one of the best!). I'll give you a hint, most of the shaping is going to be done with the lips, mouth, tongue, and just a little at the back of the mouth, while the throat will remain pretty open and free. A cool thing, for problem vowels, like 'ooh' is to keep the 'ahhhh' syllable, while only changing your lips! Eeeee, might be a bit tricky too, but if you send it slightly towards an 'ih' sound (as inside) it might hold together a bit better.

Overall, that vowel changing exercise, sounds pretty easy and silly, but most beginning singers I've met have trouble with it. If you can ace this one, consider yourself pretty good because I couldn't do this when I began!

Aside from this exercise, I think if your voice feels as comfortable as it sounds, you are probably ready for some basic scales. Go ahead and try singing scales on various vowels. No funny business or crazy sound effects like you'll see those jokers doing on some videos, just try simple vowels. Above all try to relax and feel open, free and good, as you work on some scales.

There's a really famous scale that basically all singers have heard time and time again that is very useful: It's basically a major chord transposed upward a half step over and over again.

^What I'd suggest is very similar to that exercise, however I would recommend you repeat the highest note maybe four times before going back down. You can probably do this on your guitar there, or maybe we can find you a simple exercise video.

Above all, if you ever feel tense, or uncomfortable with a note, say 'screw this,' and go back higher or lower until it comes naturally and feels good. Dude, that's what this is going to be about! Anyway, you're on your way buddy, things are gonna be great. Looking forward to hearing you again.

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