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After a singing lesson

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Hey everyone!

Well I finally am getting some good tips and advice one on one with singing. And I wanted to share my results with everyone!

Here is a before:


Here is an after (a different song though)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PegIt2rTsA (it starts at the 1:37 mark, I talk alot)

But I was pretty happy with the results, and keep trying to figure out what I can do and what can fixed....this is a bit pitchy and I get off key, but I think I hold it better than before.

Anyway, lots of feedback is welcome!

Great forum! I don't have much to contribute, because I'm terrible, but I've read a ton on here!

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Hey Joe,

Firstly, I like the quality of the audio that you are catching - well done!

Regarding your vocals, I think you would be advantaged by a couple of things:

1. Try to sit forward on the chair - towards the edge. At the moment you are sitting in your hips, which will ultimately restrict breath management and cause your larynx to do all the work.

2. Have you ever tried singing along with backing tracks? I know this can be a bit 'karaoke hall' but for the purpose of your vocal development, I think it might be helpful to place the guitar to the side for a bit and allow your mind to focus on the voice. Then once you feel that the voice is starting to develop on that piece, reintroduce the guitar. Singing and playing together is a complex skill - never underestimate the difficulty!

I hope these thoughts help!

DK :)

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