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My excerpt of The Script - Breakeven (A4?)

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I was told I shouldn't sing above a G4 ever by my previous teacher... that my voice just wasn't made for it. Too bad I have the Internet! I used to end up pulling chest to reach my E4 and F4. When I recorded this last night, the notes for "What" in the prechorus are A4's and upon listening back, they sound okay to me.

I tried to remember to sing the A4 "What" through more of an "UH" shape as I think that's what I'm supposed to be doing modification wise at that area? It feels much more doable than when I use a straight "AH" up there.

So I would like to know...

1) Does it sound listenable to you guys?

2) Do you think this vocal production is healthy (enough?)

3) What can I do to make it sound better or easier on myself?

I really love the way this cover performed. He's got a lot of "edge" on his voice, it seems? Is that distortion I hear?

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