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The Eye Opener... melodic rock ?

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Hi everybody,

I would be really pleased if you could take 5 minutes of your time to listen to my music and give me feedbacks, as it is the first time I upload it online...


Please, just let me know if there's something sounding wrong in you ear :)

You will find 2 compositions and 1 cover over there. More to come really soon.

A big thank you and keep on singing !!


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I have to say this isn't my taste in music but I think it's fab and vocally you sound like you're doing great :). I'm not sure what sound you're going for but you nearly sound english/american in the samples. The consonant combination of TH sounds like it gives you a little problem if it's in the middle of a word (for example you said somessing instead of someTHing. Put i'm just nit picking and perhaps you want that sound? I'm just looking from an english perspective really.

It sound to me like in the high belts in the first song you could benefit from applying a little open throat technique.

Really great job, keep up the good work :)

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Hi Gina and thank you for your answer !

I guess the pronunciation is my biggest problem indeed, so I definitely take in consideration the comment you make ! As I am French, it's really nice to get opinion from native-English people as in France, nobody would really help me find the correct pronunciation... ^^

I am working with Jame Vendera's "Raise your voice" and even if I got some classical lessons some years ago, I am learning almost everything in that book.

I will try to use your tips for the next songs I record, thank you :)

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