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Wasted Years (Iron Maiden) | All My Life - Chorus Only (Foo Fighters)

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Hello everybody! I just got in The Modern Vocalist, just started my account here, it´s all amazing I like it a lot!

I´m 27yo guy from Brasil, I´ve never done vocal classes, I´m totally amateur, but I love to sing and play guitar since I was 10 :)

I had many bands, but only playing guitar, then in 2008 and 2009 I decided to sing and play, and stuff... But the band split up, after 6 years of existance, and each member went on different roads.... I´m a 3D and 2D character animator, for example haahahhahah!!! This is my job =)

Well, enough life stories hahahaha! I´d like you guys, please to listen to my voice and evaluate it...

I´m watching lots of youtube videos about fry and stuff, and trying to develop some skills (off course, always taking care so I don´t harm my voice)....

But I´d like so much different opinions about my voice, and opinions if I´m doing it right or not.

Thanks, hugs and cheers from Brasil !!!




In case the first two links don´t work, please, download both tracks from the links below



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