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My recording of Mother, Father. Please critique!

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Hello everyone,

So, I'm new here! :D

I recorded Journey's Mother, Father deliberately as I find the song really hard to sing and I thought it would be the best song to highlight most (if not all) my singing issues.

Click on this link: http://cl.ly/2B1102142i2p

and have a listen and let me know what areas I really need to focus on to improve my voice. I recorded it last night and my voice is sore today so I do know that I'm straining on the high notes. :/ Any help would be great (My apologies for poor harmonies! My pitching is way out!)


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Well, most will tell you to seek a vocal coach, and that's a good idea. I think you certainly have potential. You picked one of the toughest Journey songs ever to sing. So, there should be no shame in not nailing it 100% right off the bat.

Welcome to the site. Stick around.

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