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How to upload mp3 files to youtube?

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Does anyone know how to upload mp3 files to youtube? Youtube is such a common place to put video files and some people put audio files there with a single picture, so it would be helpful to know how to do this. But even if I convert my mp3 files to wmv files, I always get the message "Failed (unable to convert video file)".

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Hi Jonpall,

You can use Windows movie maker to convert your sound file into a movie file - even if that movie happens to be just a single image with a sound track.

After you've opened the program, import your mp3 file and the image(s) you want to use. Drag your mp3 file into the 'audio/music' row at the bottom. Then drag your image into the 'video' row. You'll want to drag out the image so that it shows for the entirety of the song. It's pretty simple, I'm sure you won't have any trouble using the program.

When you're done, go and publish the 'movie'. It will come out as a wmv file, which is compatible with YouTube.

And just a tip: if possible, import your song as a wav file instead of an mp3 file. The sound quality is much better in a wav file. When the program publishes your movie, it will compress the file to a reasonable size. The audio quality is better than an mp3, even after the wav file is compressed.

I hope this has been helpful. Look forward to hearing your music.


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