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"My Private Christmas Song" - my first post here :)

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Hi everyone, I just joined the big family today :D

Nice to meet you all!!

I just did a Christmas song cover - "My Private Christmas Song". It is an English song, but originally sung by an Asian singer "Eason Chan".

Any feedback - suggestions, criticizing, or positive comments, will be most helpful and appreciated :)

I look forward to being involved in more vocal discussion in this awesome forum in the near future.

And, Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Oh and a bit about myself since I'm new here:

I am from Taiwan, but studying in Australia at the moment. I've been singing casually for a couple of years, usually at various performance cases with my friends and my wedding band (I'm on the guitar/keyboard usually). I've only started reading on Robert's "Four Pillars" a while ago, hoping to work my vocal from the very fundamental aspect. So far I found the content in there to be very helpful and interesting!

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