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Thank you so much... :)

Actually I'm having a hard time hearing the minus one... There were no monitors in from of me so I only rely on the sound I hear from 2 big speakers which was facing the audience

On another video which was situated in front of the stage, the vocals and music were balanced and it doesn't seem that I'm over powering the audio (which I think I am on this shot). Or maybe it was because of the camera used on this angle (low definition)

I think on this shot, my vocals were louder than the backing track, but nevertheless, I appreciate you're comment. Still not an excuse... :)

Yes, I am self taught. No formal singing lessons because I cant afford it. :(. So this is how I teach myself. I would keep on listening to my singing and would ask others to comment. :) I also prefer live singing rather than a recorded one because it can be engineered which, you know, I think would just make a fool out of yourself if you really want some good constructive comments. What matters is how you will sound on a live performance. Either you make it or break it. :)

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