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First real practice with "the band" lol

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I still can't believe I'm in a band! At 44 years of age no less!

I can't wait to get a full recording to post up here. We practiced at the drummer's house this Saturday. I'm still blown away at how good these guys are. More so at the fact that they want me fronting their band. We're doing a little bit of everything. Bryan Adams, Mellencamp, The Kinks, ZZ Top, Alice In Chains, Journey, Foreigner, Seger, HiM, Badfinger, but the MOST fun was doing an impromptu version of Def Leppard's "Let it Rock" which led into "High'n'Dry". Totally unrehearsed. I mean, it was never even brought up. One of the guitarists just started playing the intro during a break and then the drummer picked it up, then the other guitarist, then the bass player and I kinda looked at each other and we started in. It freaking rocked! Man, I was on a music high after that. Something about singing with a real live band that a backing track just can't replace.

I'm hooked. :)

Now we just need a name for the band. Any suggestions?

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