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Doubts about voice type. (Copied here :P)

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This is my first post on the forums so be patient with me please :P. I'm a 21 year old male (this should be relevant right xD)?

So I would like to receive some help about classification of my voice, I have gone to some music schools but there is no general consensus, people either say i'm a baritone or a dramatic tenor and to be honest I am not sure which I could actually be.

This is a clip of me doing a simple scale (mind you I "covered" the note very early on that clip usually i can sing up to a Eb4 without covering.)


I have been deemed Tenor 2 mainly because once i reach G#4 (when not tense) I hit some kind of "wall" in my normal singing mechanic and I cannot go further, I have tried some staccato on the area above it and I feel that I can only vocalize the notes with sound if I somewhat "thin" the sound (not falsetto singing).

My extremes in terms of range are (G2)E3-G#4(E5) (the non parenthesized area is the range I can sing consistently and audibly if i'm not stressed, while the lower extreme is very "vocal fry"ish and inaudible while the upper extreme I haven't found the "click" to transpose it to singing) and i'm most comfortable singing around E4.

In terms of passaggio I feel the major wall at the G#4, once I go to A4 and beyond I feel the need to lighten the sound so that it can actually come out.

My lower chest register can be resonant but it tires me unlike when I make my upper notes resonant (E4 area).

In term of head voice I'm still pretty ignorant when it comes to using it for singing so I have the habit of "pushing" the chest voice to the notes that need to be sung.

Sorry if this isn't in the right place and if my butchering of English saddens you but that's the best that could be mustered xD.

Could you hint into what actual voice type I may have? (Lyric Baritone, Dramatic Tenor, ...)

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There's a daily influx of people asking about voice, and we usually (collectively) answer that it doesn't matter unless you want to be a professional opera singer - and won't be relevant until you're at a certain level of technique that allows evaluating your potential. What you have to ask yourself is why does the label of a voice type matter to you?

Pick songs you want to sing. Find out what works well when you try and what doesn't. Find out what you need to make it work. Practice. Getting a teacher can help you really fast.

To me (an amateur ignorant) your voice sounds a bit shaky. Work on support to even out the airflow across the range. However you do bridge registers much better than I ever have (starting with a slightly lower voice). You stay reasonably connected from bottom to top. That may give you have a headstart in becoming some sort of tenor.

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