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Am I a baritone or a tenor?? ( Rocketeer Ryan Tedder's part try )

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Listen to this:

I know my singing isn't that great but...

Please help!!

I don't have any vocal teachers that could help me find my vocal range!!!

I could go from E2 to B4 no problem ( after a good warm-up of course)

and my falsetto can go up to F#5...

In my singing group I had always been the bass/baritone but...

It would be nice if I could reach higher notes like a real tenor can.

Please, am I a baritone or a tenor??

and if I'm a baritone, how can I train myself to sing higher??

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Until you sing well, you're neither :)

Classical or rhythmical, solo or choral, there are a multitude of ways to categorise singers. It's not about what you are, it's about what you can do. If you sing opera, you will be much more limited in what you can do, because it's very demanding. if you sing pop in a microphone, you will be much less limited.

Now the important question whether you can learn to sound better (high and low) is answered by a 'yes'. Talent is overrated. Training is what makes most singers.

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