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Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The E Cover

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Hey guys, I need a bit of help. I'm a 20 y/o female trying to find my own style. Seems like most of you are more into critiquing technique and such, but for what doing those things usually fall by the way side. I'm in a band but I'm still a bit self conscious about my voice because I haven't heard any other girl try to sing like me. I just want to know if you guys think it's something that fits the kind of emotional overload-style that is Taking Back Sunday, and if its unique in a... good way I guess haha.





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I do think it is unique. The first thing you've got to figure out, is is this a sustainable style? Like your voice doesn't go hoarse? I'm an emo singer in theory. :D I don't sing emo, but I sing emotionally enough it can get me in trouble technique wise. It's been implied I like singers with primal techniques, cause I suck, etc. But you know, I'm more skilled than some, less skilled than others. 


My honest opinion is if this style is meaningful for you, you should probably develop it and use it, or a variant of it. Now the option you should put on the table, is you may want to temper this style with some degree of vocal technique, even if it is to reproduce the same or similar sounds in a way that might be a 'known healthy' technique, as a protective measure. Just to take care of your voice.


So this style is meaningful for you. You wouldn't be singing with that much emotion if wasn't. In order to make it more accessible some of the roars were a little out of key, don't know if that was the original song.


So yes, this is meaningful, it's emotional, and it is unique when you sing this style. As a girl it shouldn't hold you back from tackling a male dominated singing style. The more important thing, is how you feel about where you want to take it. There are probably people here who could help with screams, roars, grit, and all that. There are people who could help polish the singing itself.


It's all about you, really. It's your voice, you're the artist. As an onlooker I want you to achieve your dreams, but I don't want you to blow your voice out either. In spite of the intensity, the pitch, and actual singing wasn't too bad at all overall. You probably could reach some kind of audience with this much passionate emotion especially with some good training.


How much help do you want along the way? I don't know the answer. But I wish you well. You definitely should form that band. Girls can rock like the boys, if you look a bit further back, you can see they had some really raw energy:



It's not always about technique for girls either. :D

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